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By Samuel Strait – September 7, 2020

Pandemic, as a noun refers to the spread of a disease over a wide area,
in this case 188 nations, where a significant portion of the population
is infected. The problem with that definition is what constitutes a
large percentage of the population, 50%, 30%, 25% or even 10%? Would it
interest you to know that here in the United States, with over 6 million
of us infected with Covid 19 it represents slightly less than 2% of the
country’s population. In some years the common cold, another corona
virus, affects more than twice that number here in the US alone. The
common flu can affect up to 4 times the amount currently being reported
for Covid 19.

So what is it we are really talking about here? We have been regaled by
media, the health community, and our bureaucracies for six solid months
that we are facing a health and safety crisis that could end life as we
know it. We have endured six months of edicts governing our behavior,
controlling our lives in an unprecedented manner all on the basis of
“science” that our leadership and health communities do not seem to want
to fill us in on. We get meaningless statistics, not science. We get
meaningless behaviors to conform to, masks, social distancing, stay at
home orders, and no science to tell us why these behaviors work. We
have been told if we followed the edicts, that within two weeks we would
“flatten the curve”. It has now been four and a half months and the
“curve ” has been on a precipitous decline since April. There has been
no appreciable “second wave”, hospitalizations and deaths have flatlined
since the beginning of May. So what are we doing here?

What has become particularly galling, is that as we gain more knowledge
about the virus, something that probably should have been done initially
before sending the entire population into panic mode, as well as make
foolish decisions about population control, it appears that what was
done was not particularly beneficial nor acurate. As I said in a
previous article there is NO science or history behind wearing masks,
social distancing and lockdowns in an otherwise healthy population.
There is; however, science that contradicts these measures as either
meaningless or actually more harmful to your health.

The mortality rate of Covid 19 has recently taken a huge change in
information provided by the CDC. It appears that the CDC can only
confirm about 11,160 deaths from Covid 19, not 186,000. A New York
Times article has recently torpedoed the notion that Covid 19 is highly
communicate able. It appears only 600,000 of the reported 6 million
cases of Covid can actually transmit the virus to another person. None
of which comes out of the mouths of “talking heads” in the media or our
elected leadership.

It seems the average age of those that passed away from Covid 19 was
87. Those under thirty years of age have almost no chance of dying
from the virus. Children, because of the unintended consequences of the
foolish edict to stay at home are far less likely to suffer harm in the
classroom than at home. We, the citizens of this country, have
suffered far more deaths as a results of the policies of our State
governments in “flatening the endless curve” than countries that
maintained a posture of business as usual.

As the reasons for why the current restrictions we currently face are
born out of something other than “science” and should be suspended
immediately, perhaps it is time to take measure of those in the media
and in government to determine just how far they have knowingly deceived
the people in this country. It is definitely time to rise up and put an
end to this foolishness. Long past time!

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