Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Opinion by Samuel Strait

I’ve often wondered over the last couple of decades, what would it take
for Americans to wake up and stop being so polite around the fools on
the left.  I would think that after decades of clear failure on the part
of “Big Government” and socialist wannabe fantasies that ordinary people
in the US would be more than tired of the stupid, deluded people that
continue to serenade us with their malicious nonsense.  Is it time to
take off the gloves and misplaced kindness and call it what it is?  We
have smiled and tolerated it for far too long.  Time to get real.

The next time some idiot in a dress claiming to be “Clarrisa” comes
looking for directions to the nearest gay bar, it is time to inform the
weirdo that he cannot menstruate or give birth and he should perhaps be
satisfied with being simply a “male”.   A woman generally cannot father
a child nor has the strength of a male, that’s science sorry to break
the news to all the LGBQT whatevers out there.  Time to face the
unavoidable truth and I’m not sorry to be telling this basic fact of
life to all those that live this nonsense.

As we go down the list of Liberal/Progressive wishful thinking, race
hustling, climate change, Covid mandates, open borders, free college
tuition, defund the police, cancel culture, CRT, exploding levels of
crime, and faux white supremacy, it is time to stop being polite to the
weirdos, misfits, and losers who ‘s limp wristed pronouncements such as
you are a racist, homophobic or islamophobic.   “My body, My choice.”  
“Black Lives Matter.” “Defund the Police.”  “You are a climate change
denier.” Or any of a hundred other Lefty chants.  Over the past several
decades we have been too nice to those that are clueless robots whose
garbage philosophies have taken the freest people that ever lived and
converted them to a manipulated herd of sheep.

Time to wake up America and do something about how badly America has
deteriorated.  What will it take for good men and women to stand up and
reverse the division, fear, and propaganda that has become the daily
diet of people in this Country.  We have already seen the decline in
faith for governments, the media, the medical profession, and the
educational community over the past few years.  Recently the citizens of
this Country and others have begun the arduous process of finding its
way back home.  History has clearly shown that leftist policies are
clearly doomed to fail over the course of time.  We have countless
examples of this failure, often with devastating results.  Our own State
of California is but the most recent example of this failure of the
Progressive Left.  Hard to Miss…

We as a Country, a State, and even here at the local level have let
politeness prevent constructive change.  It is said that even “Good Men
and Women” can be corrupted by power  in a very short time.  The last
couple of years during the Corona Virus Pandemic have clearly shown this
to be the case.  Has the time come where, finally, ordinary citizens
have had enough?  Are there signs of an awakening populous that will not
stand for any more of the authoritarian class of politicians, news
media, and the arrogance of the wine soaked, limp wristed, and
propagandized word hippos? Has common sense overtaken enough people in
this Country that no longer hold bated breath over the lies of the
“expert class” who wag their collective fingers in one too many faces to
be believed any longer?  I suppose time will tell.  Fortunately
Liberal/Progressive/Socialist thinking has a very short shelf life. 
Once the facade begins to crumble and reveal the rot within, those that
promote this beast should pay a steep price for years of depredation in
this Country…..  I have had more than enough, have you as well?

2 thoughts on “What Will It Take?”
  1. Maybe we should take Howard’s suggestion in the movie “Network” and go over to the window, open it and yell out “I’m mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore.”

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