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By Lady Warrior – January 15, 2021

Since late March 2020, the local public high school has been all over the place with its curriculum. Del Norte High School (DNHS) has tried to adapt to the new standards, distance learning, and unfortunately, I have had to go through almost one year of them with constantly changing the rules. DNHS hasn’t kept up its class standards of teaching new subjects, creating a challenge, and keeping the teachings away from the political news.

To start, the classes have not been teaching their standard curriculum for the different grade levels. I realized back at the beginning of California shutting us down back in 2020, that I would have to teach myself new subjects. I submitted a whole assignment in Latin and still got full credit for it. Most of my teachers last year didn’t care what was submitted as long as it looked right. This new school year has become better with grading, but we are learning review even in the more advanced classes.

Secondly, it’s hard to fail any of the classes high schoolers take. If a student does all the work that a teacher pushes out and comes to class once a week, they will pass with at least a B. They put out work that I remember doing back in the 7th grade that an average student can finish in about 10 minutes if you are stuck with a long assignment.

On top of this, their teachings of news and politics have become more common in classes. Every Friday, I have to sit through a ‘rap video’ where it talks about world problems, and we are later tested on it for our grade.

In truth, I believe that if we don’t open up DNHS soon and stop the washed-down curriculum, grades, and stay away from politics, then our standards for our new generations will ruin our future societal knowledge. 

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