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By Donna Westfall – September 7, 2017 – Have you noticed the chain link fence closing off the Townhouse Motel?  I asked acting City Manager, Mike Young what’s going on and here’s his response, “The Townhouse, by Court order, has been found to not meet health and safety codes, ordered closed to occupancy until corrected. ”


Non-County Maintained Roads: In the last BOS meeting, Supervisor Gitlin asked to have an item added to the upcoming budget and that is for each supervisor to have a discretionary sum of approximately $20,000 each in which to allocate to non-county maintained roads – and there’s a bunch.  Just in his district alone, if you try driving down Brevus, you could lose your transmission, wheel alignment and your lunch.


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  1. Town House Motel has 126 codes violations and the city has declared it a public nuisance. According to the court order, the owner Sarvanda Nand Hanumanthu Ready was afforded “reasonable time to rehabilitate”, but failed to comply with a nuisance order, so it went into receivership. The place has been a filthy health hazard and a haven for crime and druggies for years. Great job Erik Taylor and Mike Young for getting this place shut down. The next motel to be closed FOREVER should be the Del Norte Motel at the corner of 9th and J St. It is another hang out for drug dealers and addicts who support their habit through stealing and burglary. Drive by 9th and J at 3 AM and the scum are hanging around, coming in and out with their backpacks filled with freshly stolen items from cars and houses while their victims are sleeping. Most don’t even live at the “Del Snort Motel”, but roam in and out freely and unchecked, 24/7. In the alley behind the Del Norte Motel one can buy drugs through bathroom windows of rooms — drive up service. Just hand the money through the window without getting out of your car or off your bicycle, and the drugs are handed out to you just like it is at a fast food burger and fries drive up window. These and other “public nuisance” motels are not what we want tourist seeing.

    One of several negative reviews on Town House from says,

    On 2/23/2011 Mathew B. of Asheville, North Carolina writes: “If I could award zero stars, I would. Having driven many hours from central-coastal Oregon, I arrived in Crescent City tired and sweaty–but all of the decent hotels were packed. All of them. So I checked into the Town House Motel. I should have just slept in my car. Everything about this place was dirty and frightening. I showered in my socks, standing on a towel, trying not to let any part of me touch the shower walls. It’s a miracle my car wasn’t broken into by the meth addicts in the adjacent room, who stayed up all night talking loudly and laughing toothless laughs. (I ultimately had to turn the television to a “snow” channel and crank up the volume to drown out their noise and get some sleep.) On the bright side, my abhorrence of this dungeon helped me get an early start the next day. If you’re ever passing through the area, please avoid the Town House Motel, or skip this dumpy town altogether.”

    I wonder what other properties and businesses these owners operate?

    1. 100% true about drugs being sold from the bathroom window of the DEL NORTE hotel I can see it going on from my house its been going on for some time now they walk up and buy got to love this town

  2. I have no idea what the issue is. Perhaps financial, perhaps performance was not up to snuff. i was once laid off at a maze I was working at. shucks, I had worked there my whole life and they ended saying it was only ever supposed to be temporary work, just like that, I was canned… corn. Also, I have been fired simply for being corny and it seems to be pretty standard to change the locks regardless of the reason for termination. Still, after moving here, that was pretty shucked up of them.

    1. Mr. Ondacobb, you’re outstanding in your field, nothing like a unicorn. Also not like creamed corn; he’s a vegetable for life. Mr. Potato may have eyes, but you have ears. I’m promoting you to kernel. Corngratulations!

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