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Commentary and Opinion By Donna Westfall – September 2, 2023

This headline today from Act of America, Arizona State:

$2 Billion Leftist Movement Organizing One-Party Takeover in Arizona

A well-organized left-wing coalition signed a letter directed to Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, in response to the release of Fontes highly contentious revised draft of the Arizona Election Procedures Manual (EPM).

A well organized left-wing coalition is pressing for changes in the 2023 in the revised EPM Manual because “they argue that election officials have faced harassment and violence, using this as a basis to advocate for more relaxed election security measures.

Here’s a list of some of the areas they want changes:  including early voting access, detained voter rights, voter challenges, voter intimidation prevention, voting location accessibility including more drop boxes, and voter roll maintenance restrictions.

Now, the first red flag is voter roll maintenance restrictions. What kind of restrictions would they want? Shouldn’t voter rolls be updated every year? Shouldn’t the deceased be culled from the rolls? Shouldn’t those that move have to report their new address?

Then there’s this: Wouldn’t it just be simpler to have voters show their ID’s? Doesn’t everyone who has the right to vote, and registered to vote carry around some kind of ID whether it’s a driver’s license or a State ID?

How about convicted felon’s? The 1974 landmark decision by the US Supreme Court that convicted felon’s could be barred from voting without violating their 14th amendment rights. In California, having a felony conviction does not disqualify you from jury service. But, what about voting? While serving your sentence, you lose the right to vote, but once you’re out your right to vote is restored.

Then there’s this from ” GBI Strategies was a Democrat Party voter registration company that was operating in 20 states. An employee of GBI Strategies dropped off 10,000 absentee voter registrations in the town of Muskegon, Michigan. The clerk thought that was odd, since there were only about 3,400 unregistered adults in the small town. She looked at the applications and called the cops.

The applications were all in the same handwriting and had other problems such as fake addresses or missing information. They were fraudulent, and the idea was to get mail-in ballots sent to the fake addresses so they could be intercepted. Democrat operatives would then intercept the ballots, fill them out for Joe Biden, and mail them in.”

When I think about all the ways that our current President Biden has predictably ruined this country, I cannot fathom that he won the election honestly. I hope to see those alleged dishonest people sent to prison for stuffing ballot boxes with votes that should have never been counted. I would prefer to see Biden removed from office and the vote overturned and Trump restored to the White House.

I urge you to read the article at this link:

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