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By Donna Westfall – June 9, 2024

DMV is located at 1475 Parkway Drive in Crescent City. Their hours are 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and closed on weekends.

Did you know that as of June 3rd, DMV will no longer offer these services at the local office?


Vehicle Registration

Driver’s License/ID Card (With no in-office requirements)


Driver’s License/ID card


Driver and Vehicle Record

Instead they claim that there are Easier ways to complete these tasks by:

  2. KIOSK –
  3. MAIL

They end by having this: “Enjoy a new DMV digital experience.”

Maybe no one will then have to contend with this:

Just prior to June 3rd a friend offered this in-person exchange at the local office:

“I wanted to change my name on my driver’s license and registration. I wanted to go back to my maiden name. I told the lady at the counter that my husband had died. She said to me, ‘You’ll have to get a divorce.” I replied, ‘He’s dead.” She replied, “Not my problem.”

Maybe it will be better not dealing with human employees at the local DMV.

One thought on “What’s going on with DMV?”
  1. I started renewing the vehicle registration at the office after I read 3 months ago people were having problems with paying on-line. One person said they paid with e-check and it was successful and they got a receipt. Then weeks later DMV said they didn’t get payment and a $200 penalty and increased the registration almost 50%. Bank said they had no record of transaction. Happened to another person also. Don’t know how they resolved issue but bet it wasn’t easy. Not wanting to take a chance I found out it was easy to go to office and get registration immediately. Hope they fixed this issue. Heard DMV losing money; don’t see how with all the vehicles and licenses being issued. My registration used to go down, now it goes up. Maybe limiting services they will lay off people.

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