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By Donna Westfall – March 9, 2017 – A few years ago, complaints about Shoreline RV park were getting out of control and the park was losing money.  The city took it over, repairs and upgrades were made and the place was in the black; always a good thing when the city actually makes money on a project.

But at Monday night’s council meeting, March 6th, one guy was making complaints and accusations during public comment. What’s the problem?

Mr. Caleb Pillsbury has parked his RV at Shoreline for the past three months while shopping for a house to buy. In that time he stated that the bathroom showers were not working, the roads were in bad shape and some of the lights were not functioning properly. He called and attempted to meet with Eric Taylor at City Hall to no avail. So, he wrote a letter to Eric Taylor at Crescent City, City Hall on February 10th, and a copy was sent to the Triplicate as a Letter to Editor. As you know, the Triplicate will only publish one letter every month.

In light of this, on Monday night at the City Council meeting, Mr. Pillsbury was served with a 30 day notice to move by Eric Taylor. Why?  As Caleb parrots Eric Taylor, “You’re a problem”.

There are several things about this that are disturbing.

1.)  Being treated this way does not make people feel welcome. Why would Caleb want to move here when he’s being treated so unprofessionally by someone representing Crescent City?

2.)  Is the RV park making or losing money?

3.)  How much has been spent on fix-up  since the City took over Shoreline RV Park?

4.)  Why is it taking so long to fix the bathroom showers?

5.)  Is Eric Taylor spending hours on another business venture with the park manager instead of tending to City business?

Caleb’s latest letter to Eric Taylor can be viewed in our Letters to Editor section.






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