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Milo Yiannopolos, Editor of Breitbart

By Donna Westfall – February 7, 2017 –

Back in the 1950’s, as a little girl of about 6 or 7 years old, we lived in Los Angeles. My parents rented an apartment behind our house to a family from Germany.  I would play with their daughters on a regular basis and one day I noticed a tattooed number on their parents arms. My mom and dad explained to me that they were prisoners of the Nazi’s in another country and were lucky to survive a concentration camp.  “But why did this happen to them,” I wanted to know.  The answer.  “Because they are Jewish and the Nazi’s hated Jews. So, they wanted to kill them all. But America fought the Nazi’s and liberated the prisoners of the concentration camps.”

And as history goes, the Nazi’s did kill 6 million Jews, but didn’t stop there.  Victims of the Nazi regime included Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, the dissenting clergy, Communists, Socialists, asocials, gypsies and other political enemies totaling 11 million. It was known as the Holocaust. It took place from 1939 to 1945.

Roe v Wade allowed for legal abortion. For those that believe life begins at conception, 44 years later abortions are approaching the 60 million mark.  This I call the American Holocaust.  The first amendment under the U.S. Constitution gives me to right to write about my opinions and speak about my opinions.  But it’s a fragile right because in short order those rights can be taken away.

Such is the case of the riots at UC Berkeley on February 1st.  Where does oppression start?  It starts at events like this one. It starts by preventing people from speaking on controversial topics, and then allowing protests to escalate into violence.

What’s happening to our 1st Amendment right of Free Speech? Let’s rephrase that.  What the hell is happening to our free speech rights at a university that proclaimed itself the birth of the Free Speech Movement in the 1960’s? Is it time for them to remove the monument to student free speech?

Milo happens to be British.  His father was Greek, his mother British.  He’s gay and is scared of Islamic fanatics that want to continue to kill gays. He believes life begins at conception. He’s the senior editor of Breitbart News. Politically he’s probably closer to libertarian than anything. The guy has over 1/2 million Twitter follows. Oh,  And he supports Donald Trump. Let me repeat that.  He supports Donald Trump. Could that be the problem?

Milo is planning on returning to the Berkeley campus to give his speech.  Janet Napolitano says she is going to protect his right to do that by providing adequate law enforcement. Just a refresher; Janet Napolitano was the former Secretary of Homeland Security under Obama.  She is currently the 20th President of the University of California system. She’s been called a “key player in providing sanctuary to illegal aliens.”

Milo planned on speaking about that very subject.  According to Breitbarts article dated February 2nd, the day after his planned speech;

  • “Milo and the David Horowitz Freedom Center have teamed up to take down the growing phenomenon of “sanctuary campuses” that shelter illegal immigrants from being deported. Last month, Napolitano announced the UC system would continue to defy immigration law despite then President-elect Donald Trump’s expected policies of enforcing such laws.”

If you’re UC Berkeley getting Federal funds and don’t do anything to stop 150 agitators that come onto campus to interrupt an otherwise non-violent demonstration, allow those masked agitators to shoot fireworks at police, brake windows, start fires and throw barricades at officers, just because the Editor of Breitbart was going to give a speech, what do you think our President is going to think? If I were President Trump I’d start thinking about stopping those federal funds flowing to the University.

As a reminder, if you don’t want California to become a sanctuary state, please call your Senator Mike McGuire at 707-445-6508 and ask him to vote NO on SB 54.  You still have the right to express your opinion and be heard.




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