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On Sunday, December 29, 2013,  Mrs. “A,” purchased an IDT International calling card at Walgreens in Crescent  City, California, for $25. When she got home and put on her reading glasses she discovered that the card would not guarantee the rates as promised if not used by December 1, 2011.  Mrs. “A “drove back with her receipt to Walgreens to show the manager, Debbie, that the card was basically expired. The manager refused to give Mrs. “A”‘s money back and also refused to trade the card for a card that was not expired.

Walgreens was contacted by the www.crescentcitytimes.com online investigative reporter, Linda Sutter, to ask why Walgreens would not honor the receipt and give either the money back to Mrs. “A” or give her a calling card that was not expired. The manager of Walgreens stated, “I refuse to comment.” 

Based upon the treatment that Mrs. “A”, a native of Japan and now an American citizen, received, and the response from the Walgreens manager, is it safe to determine that Walgreens exhibited prejudice towards her due to her language barrier and took advantage of a customer, cheating her out of $25? It should be noted Walgreens carries several more IDT International calling cards that have the expiration date of December 1, 2011 and will not guarantee the rates for which they advertise.

Buyers, beware.

One thought on “WHAT’S UP WITH WALGREENS?”
  1. Did anyone contact Corp. Walgreens? In the past if I had a problem with the store here in Crescen City, I E-mail or call Corp. They have always been very good at getting the problem taken care of! This also works well with Walmart.

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