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By Donna Westfall – March 15, 2016 – Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  The rule of law is supposed to work across the board the same way for everyone in our country because the principle in these United States is that all people and institutions are subject to and accountable to law that is fairly applied and enforced.


Why is it that some law enforcement officers can steal personal property, drugs, guns, money, coins, jewelry while on search warrants, legal or illegal search warrants, and get away with it? Property is never written down into evidence or if it is, it disappears never to be seen again.  They are never brought up on charges?  Property is never returned? Is it because we have no Internal Affairs Department?

Why was the FBI called in to put a microscope on Mathew Yates for stealing $100 from Banuelos, while thousands of dollars of guns still remain missing and unreturned on the Dave Egan case?

Why is it that some perpetrators like Joey Young get light sentences, (sentence handed down by Judge William H. Follett) that don’t fit the crime while others like Bryan Ranger, languish in jail for years, and according to his case file; without a shred of forensic evidence. But his family and reputation have been destroyed without benefit of trail? His children placed in foster care, then adopted out and apparently financial aid is being provided from the great state of California. Who’s footing the bill to rip a family apart?

What is it costing the taxpaying public to support these Judges, shyster attorney’s, crooked law enforcement officers and agencies like Child Protective Services to turn a blind eye in some cases and pursue, perhaps for profit, other cases?

When it comes to the rule of law the biggest problem in this town boils down to this:  Too many go along rather than fight it.

Over the years, we’ve covered the BlackHawk Pistol Story Case # CVUJ 14-1046.  We have not written extensively about the attorney that has been hired by the County, Attorney John Vrieze. Here’s his latest tactic: Let’s call it “one mo’ time.”  He wants to take Dave Egan to court one more time in a one day trial, to prove that Dave filed papers one day late and dismiss Dave’s case against the Sheriff’s Department and the County.

Only there’s a very important fact that has surfaced.  A video has surfaced that proves Dave Egan tried to file his paperwork in a timely manner and was refused by the Court Clerk. For Attorney John Vireze to continue on his slippery slope is tantamount to his continuing to mount a witch hunt and continue his billable hours.  Who’s footing the bill?  Taxpayers, that’s who!

Problems with missing documents, judges that want to rewrite the law, law enforcement that want to get away with stealing and violating civil rights, and attorneys that sell their clients down the river.

When will the taxpaying public say, “Enough is enough?”

We invite you to share your stories so we understand the extent these corruptive practices are taking place.







5 thoughts on “What’s wrong with our Town?”
  1. My house was raided for a medical marijuana grow by Griffen. They took my child based on a dirty house marijuana everywhere, and unsafe. They did not leave the child with my mom who was there. They claimed she was itoxicated which she never drank. And they never tested her or even told her. They drop all the charges yet they kept my child because it was all lies and the videotape proves it. So now they keep my child with no proof now of any wrong doing. My attorney, James Fallman, did nothing. Didn’t care. Hates marijuana. I tried to have him fired and McElfresh wouldn’t let me. The same judge now that signed the search warrant is our family law judge. After our child was taken away they didn’t even give us a hearing until almost ten days. I wish I knew how to fight this.

  2. This is a symptom of a larger problem AKA “No law north of the Klamath”.

    No one seems to care what happens here in our County.

    Our local courts play favorites with those in the “good old boy” network such a Mr. Young.

    Our County departments such as DHHS and Probation are ineffective bureaucracies.

    Everyone seems to be aware of these facts, but our Board of Supervisors and the various State agencies that “over see” County programs look the other way.

    When will the State hold our courts accountable?

    When will the State hold County departments accountable?

    Will our Board of Supervisors ever hold County departments such as DHHS and Probation accountable for their inability to be effective?

    When will we ever deal with “No law north of the Klamath”?

    1. Fred,

      Thanks for saying what needs to be said. It would be nice if our Board of Sups cared about all the problems at County departments such as DHHS and Probation. Yes they are ineffective bureaucracies, and DHHS is getting worse since the new director took over and allows the Management staff to do nothing but push their weight around with the community.

      But the sad fact is that no one cares. Our Board of Sups will get reelected and nothing will change.

  3. Since moving to Del Norte County 11 years ago, our family of four has been subject to an education in corruption and greed we did not want but paid a high price for. We found that many newly built homes like ours had failing septic systems, terrible drainage problems, not built to code and black mold. Our new subdivison was built in an area with historically high ground water, slab on grade. The drainage plan circumvented by the officials in cooperation with the developer and contractor. Our home buying process was full of fraud, non disclosure and greed. It started at the top of the County heap. The county officials approved it all, sometimes with just a phone call. The question is who was on the other line for quick approval? Buyer beware. It’s a set-up.

    The welcoming committee included corrupt developers, one really horrible contractor and a parade of corrupt Del Norte County building officials, a slue of unethical attorneys. Really disappointing local attorneys that really could have practiced what they espoused like Bill Gray, and Mr. Babin (bad) really disappointing in different ways added to pile. Some others here too. Karen Olsen is more qualified than most here, she is really smart and met the enemy and won. Finally, several unethical Del Norte County Supervisors. In his duel role, Mr. Finigan is both the unethical developer and County Supervisor that sits on too many boards. In our lesson he had a long term business relationship with the horrible contractor who built our home and many others in this community! He flies around and around, he says “No septic regulations here” he says! “Build more homes with un-licensed, unqualified contractors like mine” he says! “Send them off to Peru to avoid lawsuits”! Ahhhhh! “Don’t bother me” he says! Time over, do not run a campaign on integrity you don’t represent!!

    There is a more to this story, and it is sad for families to think of how long these things have been going on, at least as long as David Finigan has been racking up air miles.

    We have been encouraged recently by one brighter light. Mr. Roger Gitlan is one to keep. He is different. In him we have a fresh perspective on the rest of them, this is a good thing for us but tough for him! Hang in there Roger!! We don’t stop either!
    To bad we can’t vote for him instead of little Gerry Hemmingsen!

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