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Local Del Norte County restaurant is open in defiance of our Governor’s orders.

By Donna Westfall – May 2, 2020

Supervisor 1st District, Roger Gitlin along with his wife, Angie, and their friends Tony and Leslie Barnes along with Dan Schultz and friend ate breakfast this morning at the Log Cabin Diner located at 301 Hwy 169 in Klamath, California.  They are now open for breakfast and lunch from 7:30 am to 2 pm. They will stay open longer if there’s the need.

I spoke to owner, Sherry Scott and asked her why they chose to defy Gov. Newsom’s order.’

“His order is against the constitution. We don’t have the freedom to chose or function yet we still have to pay our taxes, follow health codes and do everything by the book.  It’s time to take a stand.  Fear controls people. 

We were in WalMart buying half and half and there were several people all around us.  WalMart and other stores are not requiring face masks or gloves.  They don’t have social distancing police making sure you’re six feet apart. 

We don”t require masks or gloves.  If you want an order to go, that’s fine.  If you want to come in and sit down, that’s fine.  We’re open seven days a week, but will be closed this Thursday, May 7th because we will be attending the rally by the Fairgrounds in Crescent City.”

Supervisor Gitlin said, “Angie and I learned the Log Cabin Diner in Klamath, owned by Sherry Scott and Ed would be opening, Saturday May 2 in defiance of Gov. Newsom’s Executive Order for sit down dining.  We were joined by several other couples. I encourage you to support this stalwart business and drive down to Klamath for a great breakfast or lunch. The phone # ( 707) 482-0400. Gov. Newsom is out of control and his Executive Orders are killing Del Norte County,

I hope you will support Sherry and Ed at the Log Cabin Diner. Great food and wonderful ambiance.

Also, I hope you will plan on making a huge stand in demanding our Governor loosen up its chains abridging our Bill Rights. Ret. Sheriff Dean Wilson is organizing a Rally Thursday, May 7, at 12 Noon, on Hwy 101, at the Fairgrounds. Please join me. Bring your Flag, sign, and lots of supporters. Face masks optional. It’s time to speak up!”

10 thoughts on “When eating out is in defiance of Gov Newsom’s order”
  1. I wish we had a day like for senior and people at risk. At 6:00am. Open for people that dont want to wear mask. Leave a few days for the people that care for others and are not selfish. I want to live. If you dont protect yourself and get sick you shouldnt be allowed to go to hospital and put all those people at risk. I will believe its ok when Trump puts his son in a PUBLIC school,and his wife is shopping in public. Without mask.

    1. Why does the left have to make every thing political, the virus does not know the difference, the left does not think we are smart enough to make our own dissensions for saftey.

  2. Your defiance may be a mistake. Are you willing to pay for funeral cost if you spread the virus.Just to eat.Gitlan, my vote has changed for you.Give me LIBERTY or give me DEATH.So, you chose LIBERTY???

    1. You certainly keep yourself well informed. Roger Gitlin is not running for anything, and therefore does not need your vote. Funerals, really, are you getting just a bit ahead of yourself. Can you hear yourself? I seriously doubt it will come to that. It is more likely that a lot crisis hysteria peddler’s are going to feel pretty foolish if and when the real story emerges. Things are opening up by the way, whether you like it or not. We’ll see what happens shortly. I very much doubt it will be funerals that you seem to be so much enamored with…

  3. Thankyou for going down to Klamath too Sam to see for yourself the Plight of Owners of Log Cabin Diner!What people don’t seem to understand is that they own the restaurant and the land that that it sits on! Sorry people you are missing out was some of the best food south of Crescent City I’ve ever eaten!

  4. Annnnndddd that is how you lose your health permits. And have your insurance policy revoked. Want to get sued and go out of business? Then do what this place did.

    Also, you are a fool if you think this place is following health codes if they are willing to do this.

    1. Actually it is Governor Newsom’s mandate that will put them out of business, with the aid of the sheep like behavior of the Yurok tribe and the fine Del Norte County Public Health Officer. Since we have yet to have a serious encounter with Covid-19 and are unlikely to have one, I’m wondering just what kind of explanation the public health officer and the tribe are going to come up with for their heavy handed and ignorant response? And please spare me the “if we hadn’t done this the impact would have been much worse” baloney. How can you possibly know? The lockdown is a farce, unless everyone in the County can swear they spent the last 52 days in their houses, and there are border controls turning people back on the roads into the county, and a moratorium on all flights into the county as well. Not much chance of that happening, not only here but nation wide. So please spare me that stupidity. The only thing the lockdown did was extend the misery over a longer period of time insuring that many small businesses will not survive and many more lives than Covid-19 was responsible for, will be destroyed. Irresponsible media hype and government hysteria coming together to form the greatest blunder in US history, all stirred up by overzealous medical science trying to be relevant. What a mess they have wrought, and how long is it going to take to recover from that damage currently being extended by the idiot in Sacramento…

    2. Oh Dirty Dirty Dishes, how is it the tribe can pick and choose which business remains open and which one shall close? oh, that’s right. politics….well, hopefully your tribal businesses suffer an eternity for this gross act of malicious behavior the tribe demonstrated towards this business. You are officially hexed.

  5. We had a wonderful lunch at the Log Cabin Diner today Several other people came in while we were there! We will be coming back because the food was excellent ! We were so happy to get out of our house and go to a Restaurant we had never been to So if you have the opportunity try them out …. you’ll love it!

    1. Went down for breakfast this morning. Got a kick out of the tribe’s police all standing together in a group. So much for “social distancing”. Otherwise the owners of the business seemed to have more concern for their customers than any of the businesses that are deemed “essential”. My hats off to the folks at the diner for exercising more than a little “common sense”. Wish that the tribe was equally capable of the same. I for one intend to continue my support, and encourage other businesses to open that can’t wait on Newsom’s slow reopen to happen sometime after Christmas, if at all. If people choose not come out that’s on them. If people choose to come out it is also on them. Nobody should be made to feel they are responsible for any one’s health but their own. Anyone who thinks they should are pretty shallow and self absorbed.

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