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April 13, 2017 -[custom-facebook-feed]

Where do I send my receipts so the city can reimburse me for the expensive bottled water my family and I have been and will continue to buy so that we don’t have to ingest fluoride and suffer the side effects?

Or we can continue to drink it and send on our medical bills?

The residents of this, the 12th richest town in America per the latest Bloomberg report, surely won’t mind that use of their tax dollars. Better yet, we can spend what we save on water/medicine to move somewhere where concern for public health prevails and we are not mass medicated with anything so controversial and so unproven.

What’s next here? Sedatives in our water to keep us all happy enough to be totally unaware of or caring about what our city does?

Just think, if the city didn’t have to pay for our bottled water, they might have the funds to refinance the bankrupt transit system, finish the Bridge to Nowhere or redesign some dangerous intersections.

Betsy Philiben

Durango, Colorado

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