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By Donna Westfall – June 29, 2024

Remember when the Saturday Farmer’s Market used to be at the parking lot of the Fairgrounds?

That changed. Now, every Saturday starting at 9 am and running until 1:30 pm it is being held at Citizen’s Dock at the Harbor.

On Wednesday’s, the Downtown Crescent City Farmers & Artisans Market is held in the library parking lot on Front Street. It runs from June through October 25th. Starting at 9 am and closing at 2:30 pm.

Check them out.

4 thoughts on “Where Is The Farmer’s Market?”
  1. RT,
    You are right, as you can no longer see the Saturday Farmers Market when passing it, many tourists as well as others do not see it and thus do not attend it. It should be moved back to a location where it can be seen as you drive by.
    I am not sure why it was moved, but part of it may have been to “save the Harbor” by getting more people to go there. But instead we are sinking the Saturday Farmers Market.

    1. Good analysis of the situation, but the question still remains, why are there no farmers at this “Farmer’s” Market.

  2. Unfortunately, the Saturday Farmers Market is a case of “out of sight, out of mind”.
    Many who walked to the Fair Grounds now must take a bus there and back or find some alternate type of transportation.
    Often of a Saturday you would see tourists at the Fair Grounds as they were able to see it as they passed the Fair Grounds. Now you have to know about is or you may miss it.
    There should be a public poll of where the public thinks the better location is for the Farmers Market, the Fair Grounds or the Harbor.

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