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Commentary By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – January 1, 2021, Cartoon Credits to: libertyclick.org and Eric Allie; and thefederalistpapers.org

While at a meeting this afternoon the question was posed, ” Is our
government at all levels to big and cumbersome?”  Have we reached a
point in time where our governments at the federal, state and local
levels are no longer beneficial to the people they purport to govern? 
Another question might be asked, do our representatives actually
represent us any longer, or is it the legions of bureaucrats that fill
government buildings really the ones that call the shots?  I am left
wondering too often after witnessing the perplexed expressions on our
leadership’s faces when even the simplest of questions leaves them at a
loss for words.  Too often followed by, ” I’ll get the bureaucrats right
on that one and get back to you.”  Who are these people behind the
public presence of our elected that seem to have a great deal to say
about how things are run?  And why is it they are so absolutely critical
to the apparent dysfunction that so often graces decision making at all
levels of government.

I have lived in this County for nearly fifty years and never became
aware of the level of corruption and absolute disdain that public
representatives now display on regular occasions towards those they are
supposed to be representing.  There is no longer any effort by the
elected to consider the optics that are evident in every decision made. 
It is almost, that is what we have been told to do and those that we
represent DO NOT MATTER IN THE SLIGHTEST.  This has become the
prevailing attitude among not only the local political establishment,
but at the state and national level as well.  When bad decisions are
made from a government, it does not just affect a single person, but
325,000,000 at the national level, 39,000,000 at the state level, 27,000
at the county level, and 6,673 in the City of Crescent City.

While I understand that there are large swaths of people, a majority of
which occupy the cities in this Country, which appear incapable of
making decisions within their own lives and depend on government to do
it for them.  This growing number of powerless, incapacitated, impotent,
and helpless people in this Country find it necessary to call on
government to make them feel functional. This group is not restricted in
any way to the homeless, the needy, the disadvantaged, or any other
incapacitated member of the Country’s population, as many fairly well
educated, well off and successful people find themselves attracted to
the “nanny state”.    For some reason, the idea of becoming a
responsible, independent, and self functioning individual has become
“too” difficult for those to contemplate.

I know most people have found that government is not the best arbiter of
ones fate at one time or another, yet remain blinded to the fact that so
often they are unaware of the constant unintended negative consequences
of government action on their lives. Government has become almost like a
drug for many that appears to take life’s problems away as if by magic,
never realizing that drugs eventually have a nasty habit of bring about
disaster and bad out comes the next day, or week, or even month.  It is
hard to stand by and see the growth of government over my life time and
see the destruction it has wrought on this Country and even here to us
at the local level where government has become a maze of Councils,
Boards, Authorities, and Commissions.  One almost needs a score card to
keep track of what each is responsible for or even necessary.  Has there
come a time in this Country’s history where our governments are “too
big”, “too” unresponsive”, and no longer beneficial at any level.

Perhaps this will help….  I saw a cartoon that was meant to be funny,
yet it captured the state of our government’s desperate need to be
substantially reduced at all levels.  You will find this cartoon in the
online version of “Townhall” by Steve Kelley. It portrays average Mom
and Dad watching the evening news.  The broadcaster says, “2021 was a
year of record Covid deaths, relentless crime, the Afghanistan debacle,
a crisis at our border, runaway gas prices, and crippling inflation…” 
The Mom comments, “Who knew this year could make 2020 look like the good
old days…”  It is sad that this is a representation of our government
in action at the national level, yet state and local governments have
achieved even less.  What we are paying for should shame us all,
including those responsible for this growing fiasco.  I ask the question
again, is it time to reduced the scope and reach of government in this
Country?  Maybe it is long past due….

3 thoughts on “Where, Oh Where Has The Limited Government Gone That I Was Promised?”
  1. A very profound essay. Perhaps one answer might be one put forth by Ernest Callenbach and Michael Phillips in their short book “Citizen Legislature”. Also the concept of anarchy should be revisited. Anarchy has gotten a bad rap by it being characterized as a little man wearing a bowler hat and carrying a bomb when the roots of an anarchist system is not the elimination of rules, but of the rulers.

      1. If you seek the company of local anarchists, socialists and leftists, try listening to KFUG radio; they are our local voice for corporate-communist controlled media.

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