Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

After seeing several letters asking where were the county supervisors who did not go to the LEADN awards meeting, I decided to ask Dave Finigan why he did not appear.

I did, and Finigan was busy in Sacramento at the Regional Council of Rural Counties representing the county. On the agenda was the fire fees imposed on many rural Del Norte county property owners that Dave wants repealed. In addition the meeting included laying the groundwork for implementing the Affordable Care Act for Del Norte and other rural counties that is being mandated by the federal government.

So, anyway, Dave was busy working for the people of this county that day. Maybe Martha McClure was at a Friends of Del Norte meeting trying to find ways to keep a business from locating to Del Norte County, or perhaps at the Coastal Commission stopping the U.S. Navy from using sonar — like the kind that finds a Chinese submarine that might just shoot a missile off the coast.

At least someone should ask her and the others before writing letters to complain about missing an awards ceremony and imply they do not support law enforcement.

 Ron Plechaty

Crescent City

  1. Maybe Mr. Finigan should pay more attention to what is going on here in Del Norte as a result of him going up and down the state fighting against septic regulations that we actully need here. There are failed septic systems in new subdivisions. Ask Mr. Finigan where Mr. Michetti is. This was his business associate for many years. Why choose Mr. Michetti? How many newer homes built in our community have septic and drainage issues? Who built them? Umm…Lets think about that while Mr. Finigan travels about helping us here back in the county. We need homes built to code please Mr. Finigan.

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