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By Branden Bieber – January 13, 2023

I don’t know much, but know I live in one of the most spectacular places in the World.  I know I was born along the beach, at Seaside Hospital in Crescent City.  I know our community is full of proud, caring, and hardworking individuals.  I also know during the past year I’ve tried to engage in the local politics and have been shunned, silenced, and not responded to when questioning detrimental local policies. 

It started in November of 2021, when I called the now retired Supervisor Gerry Hemmingsen.  After our family decided to homeschool our boys. I was concerned about the November 2021 Health Ordinance from Del Norte County that threatened to imprison Del Norte County Citizens for not wearing a mask.  When questioned, Hemmingsen explained that my son would not be arrested for not wearing a mask, but his guardian could be.  After some lively, but respectable debate Hemmingsen expressed the Ordinance was potentially overreaching, but that he was powerless to do anything about it.  Another “State Mandate.”

That non-influential reasoning, accompanied by the occasional Dr. Stutz Zoom appearance made me realize what a delicate balance Democracy is.  It also instilled in me a new sense of American Pride.  Like any civilization, America has a history of conflict, greed, troubles and tribulations.  Freedom, success, entrepreneurism, and the pursuit of social equality are also part of our history.  It is evident by life’s existence, that personal freedom’s are worth fighting for.  The Freedom to express your thought’s in a public forum. The Freedom to say to “NO” to non-consensual policy.

Fast forward to January 10th, 2023 at the Board of Supervisor (BOS) meeting.  From the previous Friday afternoon, through Tuesday’s meeting, I scanned a couple hundred pages of the 800 page meeting agenda.  I commonly spend most of the time reading over the consent agenda.  This meeting had 18 numbered consent topics that would be voted on and approved with one vote.  Despite some valid and justified approvals, many of these items deserve critical thought and questioning.  For instance, a couple pay raises including one for the Director of the Department of Health and Human Services.  An eight Amendment over three times the original contract price.   Three separate consent items that renew Agreement’s with Willow Care Psychiatric Service totaling $507,000.  These three contract started on July 1, 2022, and are over half expired.  Then there was consent agenda item #13, distributing $2.5 Million Dollars to Del Norte Office of Education.  The $2.5 Million is to fund 4 Psychologist for 4 years in the School District.  Despite personally believing the agreement addresses the consequences instead of the problem, I asked the BOS if minors would be evaluated with or without parental consult.  No one in the room provided an answer.

Board of Supervisors: January 10, 2023 meeting (Joey Borges, Valerie Starkey, Darrin Short, Chris Howard & Dean Wilson)

I continued commenting on my observation of the Board’s personal harassment of the Chief Probation Officer, and the hostile work environment being allowed at the Juvenile Hall.  It was during these comments Chairman Short shut off my microphone, called in two deputies, and cleared the Hall at the Flynn Center.  Armed with only my personal comments and pursuit of honest debate, I was far from a threat. 

What is a threat, is the indifference to tolerate crime, inflation, mental abuse, poor child development scores, and Government overreach.

This was not the first time, and not likely the last time Chair Short and the BOS’s infringed on my 1st Amendment Rights.  Oh well, stay dry!

One thought on “Who Cares?”
  1. Yes Branden, we do live in one of the most spectacular regions of the world. Our Pacific Maritime climate, the natural beauty, and opportunities for recreation are largely unrivaled. However, your assessment of a community composed of “proud, caring, and hardworking individuals” is way off the mark. “Delusional Arrogance” would be a more fitting substitute for “Proud.” I do not know where “Caring” comes into the picture; as most of our residents are content to be woefully ignorant and care little about the state of our governance and finances. They are the ilk that forks over monthly contributions to popular “Non-Profit Organizations” that in-turn distribute little if any money to their stated cause and purpose; but rather provide six figure incomes to estate-heirs who are insiders with the “Non-Profit” scam. Perhaps “Naively Trusting,” and “Lacking Critical Thinking” would be a better substitute for “Caring.” Hardworking? The bulk of this community are Federal, State and Local Government Employees, or contractors with their snouts in the same public troth. Most do the least amount of work possible in order to obtain their guaranteed monthly check. Few, if any, invest the time and energy to attend public meetings and be informed about public policies. Why? Because they are too lazy, do not care, or they are part and parcel of the same sleazy corrupt tyranny that runs the show. Last but not least is the error of calling members of our community at-large “Individuals.” They are not “Individuals;” but rather members of a mindless mob. A small minority of Good-Ole-Boys and Girls are part of “The Club.” A majority of those remaining have their lips permanently super-glued to “The Club’s” anal orifice in order to win the next promotion, pay raise, or lucrative government contract.

    We have a government that resembles a white-collar organized crime group because a majority of our community benefits from monopoly and tyranny. The few “Individuals” that survived the destruction of free enterprise and subsequent economic collapse of Del Norte County have no say “by design.” Individuals are not a part of the Monster; they do not participate in the mandatory “Group-Think,” nor do they communicate in the prescribed “New-Speak.” Del Norte County, the State of California, and the entire United States of America have become everything that George Orwell wrote about in his book “1984.”

    A Tyrant’s ear can only be attended by those who cajole or bribe. Do you constantly flatter them? Have you surreptitiously slipped any money into their pockets lately? Then, how can you expect them to allow a lowly peasant to talk?

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