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By Investigative Reporter – Linda Sutter – March 3, 2023

Can someone please explain to me where the money for a $42 million dollar Performing Arts building is supposed to come from? The Rails donated $1 million dollars of their money, the state is contributing $2.5 million dollars while Keith Taylor and Alec Dompka sit in the Cheerleader section saying, “Rah Rah” and they are not even from this area. So the question is where is the rest of the money coming from?

In the meantime, Crescent City still owes millions of dollars on the wastewater treatment plant because they borrowed $43.8 million in 2008 that this city couldn’t afford. The Streets are in grave disrepair except where the SeaQuake Brewing is, we can’t even keep our downtown parks adequately groomed and picked up, and the whole downtown is practically boarded up with economic blight. But hey we are going to spend $42 million dollars for a performing arts center and a million people are going to drive to Crescent City California, aka, Blight City USA, to come see whatever at the performing arts center. 

All the while and for the past 33 years I might add the promises of all those old people who are heading this endeavor, have never, ever proven themselves whatsoever as anyone with eyes can plainly see.

If our community could only muster $42 million dollars to make marked improvements. Look at the weed garden that was created by the college. That went by the wayside due to lack of vision and of course in order to make things work you have to get up off your behind and roll up your sleeves to make a real garden. But the only thing our elected officials can do is grow their hair, eat, get fat and not PHAT, walk around sound important with their word salads, and then wait for time to pass by and hope everyone forgets what was promised or said. 

Let’s also not forget the Rails promised, God bless their little hearts, that the taxpayers would not be forced to pay for this performing Arts Center. Well, if we are getting 2.5 million from the state, where did that money come from?

2 thoughts on “WHO IS ON THE HOOK FOR $42 MILLION DOLLARS? AKA Spending money we don’t have.”
  1. If we are going to have an “Amphitheater” in our new “Destination Resort Community” Park, the hucksters downtown will need to showcase performers. Since this no-talent, dimwitted shit-hole doesn’t have anybody to fill the bill, they will need to create them. This is an even worse waste of money than the entire Park Renovation Project combined. If this boondoggle goes the same as the Sewer Plant that went over-budget by a factor of four, this $42 million dollar white-elephant will cost us $168 million when all is said and done. Our government is a white collar organized crime group and the money will all be funneled into the pockets of their Good-ole-Boy architects, engineers and contractors.

    It doesn’t matter where the money will come from because they haven’t destroyed their credit line yet. Ultimately it will be you and me who will be on the hook. By the time we all go bankrupt, the predatory real-estate speculators will get our homes for pennies on the dollar and this gang of crooks will take a permanent vacation to foreign countries that have no extradition treaties and live like kings!

    Locals would do well to learn the history of 19th Century Robber Barons and the Tammany Square Scandal. Time for our citizens to stop being chumps and rubes for a bunch of scoundrels selling a “Field of Dreams!”

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