Wed. Jul 24th, 2024


If you want to file paperwork at the Del Norte County Courthouse located on “H” St, good luck.

I was contacted by Wesley Nunn.  He tried to file paperwork and was refused.  The filing clerks would not take his papers, they called in Sandra Linderman.  She’s the CEO and Head Clerk.

After hearing about this fiasco, I accompanied Wes Nunn and was quite surprised to find out just how rude Ms. Linderman can be.  She took his paperwork and filed it and I think it may be because I was a witness to the transaction.

That was last week.  This week, I again accompanied Mr. Nunn as he attempted to file paperwork.  Ms. Linderman told him she would not accept it.

“Why?” he asked?

“Based on Code 391” she replied.

“Show me the code”

“No, and I’m calling the Bailiff”

At no time did Ms. Linderman ask Wes Nunn to leave her office.  The Bailiff came in and we all left.

So, this is the way business is done by Ms. Linderman.  Is she doing her job or is she exhibiting her bias?

Stay tune for the next chapter of, “Is there Justice In Del Norte County.”



2 thoughts on “WHO IS SANDRA LINDERMAN?”
  1. I too have had my experiences with Sandra Linderman she spent the last two years misreporting to the counties collection agency that i owed outstanding fines and would not accept filing of paperwork to clear a record
    After much hassle it was found that i actually owed nothing the counties own collection agency refused to try and collect due to the fact nothing was owed corruption reigns in del norte county

  2. Sad, we the people pay our taxes and then do not get fair treatment. Its been going on for years! I was told over 11 years when I moved here–don’t make waves they will find a way to get to you. I thought that was talk, but sad to say in most cases it is true.

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