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By Branden Bieber – April 21, 2023

The CARES Act is a United States federal statute called Coronavirus Aid Relief, or Economic Security Act, also called the CARES Act.  It’s a $2.2 Trillion economic stimulus bill passed by the 116th U.S. Congress signed into law by President Donald Trump.

This federal legislation dedicated historic government funding to offset the effects of the Government forced work stoppage due to a genetically modified flu.  It provided most residents a stimulus check, and generous tax rebates.  It placed a moratorium on mortgage foreclosures.  It extended unemployment assistance and injected billions to keep the airlines flying through the pandemic.

No bigger example of Government abuse than California.  The imposed State of Emergency(s) enabled the California Governor to legislate under Executive Order without compromise.  Now, California justifies CARE act and creates a new pathway to deliver mental health and substance use disorder services to the most impaired Californians who suffer from incarceration, a failed judicial system, and homelessness.  The Department of Health and Human Services is over 1/3 the State budget. 

All the while California healthcare insurer’s measure record profits. Why have insurance, when everyone gets service?  Stop paying insurance companies, and start paying patient bills.  Doctors choose what types of insurance they receive.  Del Norte County does not have enough qualified doctors.  An increasing number of physicians only take Medicare.  Expendable income is being taken from employed citizens to pay for the services of the non-working citizens.   

CARES is Government imposing Medical Services on its constituents for profit, but who cares?

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