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Opinion and Commentary By Linda Sutter – February 5, 2024

The Tri-Agency held an unlawful meeting on January 4th, 2024. Although they notified me by email the rest of the Public including some of the County’s employees were unaware of this meeting.

So I ran into the Tri-Agency’s attorney today who reminded me that today’s meeting was to cure and correct the actions taken on January 4th meeting. I was additionally informed that the meeting was posted at the Harbor District office window.

REALLY? Since when? The Tri-Agency meetings have always been posted in the outdoor enclosed Billboard. I asked who told you the meeting was posted at the Harbor District. It was the Assistant Harbor Master.

Ring aling.. ring aling.. “Hey Mike, did you tell Tri-Agency Attorney that you posted the January 4th meeting at the Harbor?”

“Well I told my staff to post it.”

Oh alright wink wink.

Isn’t it very funny and peculiar that during the January 4th Tri-Agency meeting I wasn’t corrected about the meeting getting posted? And isn’t it more peculiar that at today’s Tri-Agency meeting the board members felt compelled to cure and correct their actions of the January 4th meeting?

I wonder how many of the Harbor folks will defend this Tri-Agency when they take an oath in front of the judge to tell the truth .

  1. Complete B.S.
    When will constituents be allowed legal counsel to prosecute to the undemocratic, unethical policy practices of our government officials?
    NEVER IN DEL NORTE COUNTY, with a snake pit of lawyers, judges and public officials abusing their authority.
    The further Del Norter’s further themselves from disastrous State policy the better.

    Instead “Local Elected” impose Expanded Government, endorse more taxes, and place higher fees for servicing the few, and insufficiently delivering sustainable infrastructure maintenance.
    Never talk of PRIVATE INDUSTRY capital!
    JUST MORE GOVERMENT printing money!
    And, nothing getting done!

    1. Any update on your multiple arrests Beibs? I really am curious to the follow up on both situations, basically if charges were dismissed/dropped or moving forward.

        1. Because the guy who screams about personal accountability is arrested multiple times a year, it’s ignorant to want to know updates on his cases since he claims he was wrongly charged? Wanting the truth is ignorant now?

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