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By Linda Sutter – December 18, 2020

Del Norte County has received Rapid Covid19 test kits and are not releasing them to the Public, WHY?

The Rapid Covid19 test which take approximately 15 minutes to see whether you are positive or negative are sitting in a storage room for only “pertinent” people to have access to like Board Of Supervisors members, and certain management workers and their families.

The question is why?

And the next question is, if the head of Health and Human Services is dictating who will be allowed the test, isn’t that a violation of public trust?

People are being forced to quarantine for 14 days once they are exposed to the virus. That means they cannot go to work, and once they go back to work they have to take a test that takes up to 7 days for the results. Where is the Justice for that?

When are the residents of this county going to start fighting for their civil rights not to be violated? Just asking for a friend

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