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By Jaime Yarbrough, Science Editor – July 23, 2021

What am I about to read? Why do I need to read it? How will it make my life better?

Welcome to chapter II onbrainwashing.’

Just a note, seeing there were no comments, observations or remarks about chapter I, I once was a part of a local radio station program. There were a couple other people with me. We spoke for about an hour, into a microphone on a wide range of topics. Because some of them were controversial we believe the public should have an opportunity to weigh in. So, with the station managers permission, we invited people to call in. There were times when we wondered if there was anyone ‘out there’ listening to what we were saying or if we were just speaking into a microphone for our own amusement, because no one ever called in.

Moving right along. As you recall when I started my analysis of humans on the planet I didn’t go into creationism, evolution, or panspermia (nor, the possibility that we are biological experiments by extraterrestrials). At any juncture of supposition there could be a myriad of parallel universes, so to speak. As you may have remembered a teacher telling you: “There are no right answers, just the best answer that addresses the question.” I could go into how easy it is to nail Jell-O to a wall but there will be plenty of time for that as we march to the present.

As man became more and more aware of his surroundings, after recognizing he was not alone as a species, secured a mate, or not, he also recognized there is strength in numbers. Hunting parties were formed from the recognition of collaborative effort. It is about this time when ‘communication’ because a huge factor in our evolution. Animal instincts have served us very well but now it is even more critical to relate to and with others. This could be about the time Eve offered Adam the apple.  Psychologists and anthropologists are keen on this development as we study child development and language.

To make sense of the world in which we born the basic needs of ‘the animal’ must be met. Air, water, food. Next would be shelter. It is either discovered or provided by the parents. There is a wide gap between humans and animals here. Most animals can walk, if a land animal within hours yet, a human take over 9 months. There are several species, e.g., birds, fish, insects, etc.… that also have almost instant mobility. Many of those who do not often have good enough vision to watch their parents or other creatures to imitate them. “Monkey see, Monkey do.”

So with instincts, survival, and now communication there is the awareness of ‘learning.’ It may have been understood by primal man before but now, with language he can transmit his newest achievement: knowledge.  I know we are taking baby steps here, but you don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you have been and where you are (IMHO = In My Humble Opinion).

From the fields of East Africa man ventures out in search of food. However, there is a more important and more prominent force: curiosity. Curiosity has long been with man before he has ventured beyond the place of his birth. By the time exploration begins there have been many developments in communication and skill building. Some of the most remarkable are humor, laughing, and an intense understanding that ‘not all is always as it seems.’  Human language and interactions are not all that different from infants of today. The invention of ‘spare time’ and ‘boredom’ have also been long partners of existence. Having massive reasoning capability, a sense of awe, wonder and creativity games were likely to have been invented.  No, not organized sports, but simple games to pass time. Throwing a pebble into a hole. Hiding an object from someone else. The awareness that a pebble under a shell isn’t there as one thought it was. DECEPTION.

This awareness only begins between 2 and 4 years of age in humans. Parents often play ‘peek-a-boo’ with their children not unlike early man.

Of course, as nature abhors a vacuum none of this development over hundreds /thousands of years with out the development of another prominent quality of humans, emotions. Between a sense of accomplishment in acquiring food, a sense of pride by a mate in their companion providing for them and or their offspring, feelings of aggression, submission, love, anger, frustration, and many others are all players in our very existence. And we take all of them with us wherever we go around the globe. It’s who we are.

All aboard!  The train is leaving. Next stop, living in large groups.

3 thoughts on “Why do I Need to Know about Science . . . . #12 – Part 2”
  1. Another thorn amongst the roses, the ramblings of Mr. Yarbrough do not appear to heed the advice of the interrupting cow. Albeit, brainwashing according to wikipedia was mentioned firstly by Edward Hunter in 1950 to describe how the Chinese government appeared to make people cooperate with them, from the Chinese term wash brain. Moving right along, since the author isn’t using creation, evolution, etc. in his analysis of human development, he then states, “It is about this time when ‘communication’ because a huge factor in our evolution” (please edit).
    “About the time Eve offered Adam the apple”, it is also written, the Deceiver deceived me and I ate. Looking at the Hebrew word mirmah, deceived, one of it’s definitions is coercive persuasion. The Greek is dolos, which has the sense of catching with bait. Since fish are high on the evolutionary development scale, the fishes reward for cooperation, a brainwashing technique, is it’s own undoing.
    When God created the universe, ex nihilo, and man in His image, He communicated with them– they spoke to each other. There is no evolutionary development of language, because evolution is a lie. In 1866, the Linguistic Society of Paris banned any existing or future debates on the subject because “the shortage of direct, empirical evidence has caused many scholars to regard the entire topic as unsuitable for serious study”, due to no provable connection between animal sounds and human language. Any excitement from the Darwinists,post 1866, is based in mere speculation. One could hardly imagine a Darwinist admitting that the Tower of Babel was the starting point for multiple languages on Earth for fear they’d lose all credibility. One theory after another, one stretch of the imagination after another. Coercive persuasion or brain washing. Mankind has chosen to eat from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

  2. To ‘the Ghost’,
    Brainwashing didn’t come about by pulling it out of a hat, or opening a pop-top can of
    ready made soup. Much like a plant, it came from a seed. In this case the seed was planted in the mind of man and over time allowed to grow, blossom and fruit. Now that fruit has turned rotten and stinks.
    I appreciate your observation on my first article in this series, and have addressed it. I no longer hear the crickets. This is a good thing. Thanks for dropping in.
    PS, no, you are not being brainwashed by reading this. There are billions of perspectives on this subject. You are only being exposed to one of them that is not your own. Yours may and most certainly will be different.

  3. Second article on the subject of ‘brainwashing’ with no discussion of brainwashing.

    Am I being brainwashed by reading these?

    For the record, there were several comments on your first article in this series. You just chose not to respond to them.

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