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By Jaime Yarbrough, Science Editor – October 3, 2021

What am I about to read? Why do I need to read it? How will it make my life better?

Welcome to chapter 3 on ‘brainwashing.’

Mind the laser beams, trip wires, and pressure plates in this mine field of a topic but as I promised, several ‘months’ ago IF humans originated in Africa (and not multiple places around the planet…perhaps you really need to watch more Ancient Aliens on the History channel Friday nights), they ‘migrated.’ I am going to pick up speed here and you should set a block of time to see the reference video I have provided a link to. This video will help demonstrate how mind boggling a scant 200,000 years added to the complexity of this creature we have become today. Buckle up:



THIS VIDEO IS @ 20 MINUTES IN LENGTH, and while there are literally millions of books read on the who’s, how’s and why’s this DID happen the point is, according to some, ‘today’ happened when you woke up this morning. But who we are? How we got here? Started a very long time ago. Attempting to tell this book by it’s cover would be foolish.

The map changes reflect, labels map makers assign to the movement of particular groups and history as it was recorded by, whom? The groups, as identified, each have their unique similarities and differences. It’s best to use FULL SCREEN viewing and make note of the years as they pass (you know how long years can be), and some of the nomenclature at the bottom. For instance, the first global population estimate occurred around 3980 BCE at @ 28 million people.


YOU are in control. Watch how the boarders, countries, and people move around. Stop/pause to notice dates, and the historical influence that may or may not have occurred. Look for jumps in the population too.  All these people, all these ‘groups of people’ moving, fighting for resources, cultural differences, dominance, power and control, religion, conquest. Some might just see the moving of lines on a map of the world. Others see violence and suffering, on the road to . . .


Google says there are currently 195 countries. This does not reflect or include sovereign states (yes, they are different as most Del Norte residents know) or the countries the only existed briefly.

There are over 7,000 languages currently in the world. However, again this does not include the languages that have come and gone, nor the ones we could never identify.

There are over 4,000 (organized/recognized) Religions in the world today! Many claims there are between 7-12 ‘major religions to which @85% of the world belong. This also does not address the portion of the remaining @15% that do not believe in following a religion.

Next stop, there are 16 current forms of government. The term government has many applications beyond the familiar large masses of people. Variations most might recognize as just a label for a bureaucracy (e.g., City government, County government, Student government, etc. ) You will never ‘see’ a government because it is an abstraction. What you will see are people. The people agree to laws, rules, codes of conduct, societal norms and accepted practices. These are documented and administered by what else (?) administrators and ‘officials,’ many elected, some appointed, others hired to a position. HOW ‘the people agree to their governance is/can be very contentious.

So, on our road to understand brainwashing it is no simple matter. There are many historical examples, as there are many methods. Some methods are overt, and many are imperceptible.

Next time I will jump into the deep end of the historical pool to talk more about how we got here.

Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead Sunday, November 7, 2021.





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