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By Jaime Yarbrough- Science Editor – March 20, 2021

What am I about to read? Why do I need to read it? How will it make my life better ?

Welcome to SPRING 2021 !

It has been a long, long, long, dark, dark Winter and a lot happened.  But, of course, that could be said at any point in time (a continuous process.) I have been reviewing a few things for this edition and remembered this is an online article, seen by people on the internet. To get here you needed to go through several steps. Turn the computer on, go through the boot up process, select your browser, navigate through several websites as may be your daily routine. Then after ‘taking care of business,’ getting the latest news information for business or pleasure you decided to enrich your life with some intellectual content.  Am I right?

So, here you are. Like standing on the steps before the Library of Congress at Crescentcitytimes.com. “CLICKING” further on the “What Do I Need to Know about…” article or searching it out for this latest edition you HAVE ARRIVED!

Believing your desire is sincere, you know how to read, are not afraid to embark on an adventure, like the Library of Congress, or any library for that matter, or even a book on a shelf you will expend the effort to go in, find and/or open a book to seek out something you want to know or to discover something you did not know before. (Where is he going with all this???)  As I may have mentioned one of the reasons I thought this column would be beneficial to the general population is because they may be as described above. And then they may not. They (you) may take pride in ownership of knowledge if not to impress others, children, teachers, bosses, etc. just for your own gratification. Yeah, some people READ just for the joy of reading. Kind of like listening to the radio except will more effort.

So, it occurred to me I could be just like a library or an unopened book and simply provide you with a link to click. As a quasi-journalist this could be considered a cop-out [first appearing some 500 years ago in the Scots phrase “play cop out” where cop was equivalent to cup, meaning “playing empty the cup” or, frankly, boozing. – BBC.] Evading my responsibility to generate original text. From a national pride perspective, of which you (unless you are in/from another country – which is happening at an alarming rate these days – but I digress) might think we “Americans” are relatively smarter as a country.  We have an exceptionally active culture lubricated with a plethora (love that word) of radio, TV/cable stations that bombard us with information. We have comparatively good schools, or so we think.

With that I will submit a link I found on Facebook from one of the websites to which I subscribe, IFLScience.com. This, as you will see, show’s ‘we’re not the sharpest tool in the shed’ and in the atmosphere of continual improvement there is always something to learn.  Enjoy.


Feel free to comment, suggest or request a field of science you would like to explore and perhaps we will both learn something new.

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