Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

By Donna Westfall

Willdan Financial Services has been coming up with sewer rate studies for the last seven years.  Since 2008, Willdan has been paid in excess of $60,000 to continually prepare water and sewer rate studies.  The City Council recently approved paying them almost $10,000 more to do a new study. This one based on water useage.  Gee, didn’t the Citizens Against $42.5 million suggest that eight years ago?  Answer:  YES.

Perhaps it was Fred Hansen’s public comment that got the councilmembers thinking.  After all if he’s willing to give up smoking for the 45 days necessary to collect Prop 218 protest signature; and donate that money to the local Taxpayer’s Association, maybe others would too.  Perhaps if the City realizes that the Prop 218 protest could be successful, they are going to be stuck without a Plan B to pay for their expensive white elephant (Wastewater Treatment Plant =WWTP). Without a Plan B, and with a successful Prop 218 protest vote….. what then?   No increase in sewer rates and the city is outta luck. Perhaps they’ll have to cut expenses and personnel to make ends meet.

Here’s a question.  After having Willdan initially recommending the doubling of our sewer rates, why is it that the City of Crescent City is in default on their State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan?

Refresh your memory by reading the July 21, 2014 article “Schellong Wonders How Did We Get Here?”  Is Schellong merely doing spring cleaning now, or is she the next to move out of the area following in the footsteps of former Mayor/Council member, Charles Slert?

Could other company’s be in a better position to give more accurate information than Willdan?  What about the bidding process?  Why isn’t the sewer rate studies being put out to bid?  Why continue to use a company that has such a dismal track record? Or is Willdan the recipient of bad information fed to them by the City (or associated persons)?



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