Sat. May 25th, 2024


I’m sorry but I strongly disagree with Supervisor Roger Gitlin and Aaron Funk.

Here is why I am voting “NO” on Measure “F.”

No new taxes- PERIOD. Our Government already taxes us enough. This tax is a Band-Aid for what the real underlying problems are for this State and our Community. I’ll even openly speculate that within a few years of this new tax (if it passes), there will be another voter drive to gain support to increase the taxes paid for the Fairgrounds and to keep the tax for another seven years under the same guise of “It’s for the good of the community, and save the Fair,” and not for the real reason that is- Our government is a train wreck of fiscal irresponsibility.

On a more personal note-

I will vote “NO” on Measure “F” because I am a cigarette smoker and the Fairgrounds for many years has declared it a “smoking/tobacco free zone.” They do not want me or my money there during the Fair, but now they want to tax me for a place I don’t even feel welcome at. (a small smoking area down wind at the Fair would have been nice, but I guess they don’t want a smokers money unless it’s in the form of taxes).

If the problem is the red-tape of Sacramento driving all the events away from the Fairgrounds so the Fairgrounds cannot make money to support itself- all I can say is that the people of Del Norte voted for more of the same with Sacramento when they voted against the State of Jefferson and Measure “A.” Everyone who supports Measure “F” should call the SEIU and “Keep it California” and ask them where the money is for the Fairgrounds before they try taking anymore money out of my pocket. I thought they said that California was doing great and had a surplus budget now?

I’d pay the County tax for Measure “F” without complaint if California lowered my State taxes by the same amount to compensate for this new tax. (yea right, like that would ever happen).

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