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Several people who I know personally recently have or had wrist and/or shoulder pain. I had such pain in my wrist bones and ligaments that I became nauseated and thought I was becoming unconscious. For 2 weeks I was not able to use my left hand at all and each time I touched my hand just lightly against something the pain was unbearable. After 4 weeks the wrist had healed. But another person I know still has pain in her shoulder and is even considering surgery. She has a child to take care of, she lives in an upstairs apartment, she has no funds to buy reverse osmosis, and because of her shoulder pain she can not carry heavy water bottles upstairs. She has no choice other than to drink the contaminated city water. This is unethical. We residents should not have to accept chemicals added to our drinking water. 
Our own law states that one has the right to refuse medical interventions and medication. Fluoride was added as a medication to prevent tooth decay (which in reality does not prevent tooth decay), so what they are doing is forcing this "medication" on the public whether people want to ingest it or not.
I attribute those stress injuries to the fluoride. My family and I have stopped drinking the Del Norte water and we now drive to Brookings to an RV park to fill our water tanks and many bottles up with the good and fluoride free Oregon water. Fluoride is against the law in Oregon. For a reason: It causes the very symptoms like osteoporosis and dental decay which the fluoride was supposed to cure.
Even the Crescent City Public Works Department had to include by law in their
2009 annual consumer confidence report: "Some people who drink water containing fluoride in excess of the federal MCL (Maximum Contaminant Level) of 4 mg/L over many years may get bone disease including pain and tenderness in the bones. Children who drink water containing fluoride in excess of the state MCL or 2 mg/L may get molted teeth."
The most thorough explanation of the origin, action, diseases, and politics of fluoride were presented after 25 years of research in a book called Fluoride the Ageing Factor by John Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D., Science director of the National Health Federation and later head of the Safe Water Foundation. 
In his article for the Journal of American Medicine Association, Dr. Yiamouyiannis writes that in the 1990 study of 541 000 cases of osteoporosis a definite connection was found between hip fractures in women over 65 and fluoride levels. Fluoride also causes osteoporosis by creating calcium deficiency. Fluoride precipitates calcium out of solution, it clumps calcium particles together into clusters and with it drawing precious calcium out of cells, serum and tissue which depends on calcium as a nutrient, causing low blood calcium, as well as the buildup of calcium stones and crystals in the joints and organs, which leads to bone fractures even without a person falling on the bones and just through little over normal use of arms and legs, and it leads at the same time to joint pain and inflammation.
Fluoridation began in 1950 in many states throughout the USA and statistics show the drastic increase in cancer rates and cancer related deaths in every single one of the fluoridated cities while the non fluoridated cities remained at the same levels of cancer rates and cancer related deaths as before 1950. Fluoride mineralizes the tendons, muscles and ligaments, causing them to crack and to become inflexible. At the same time fluoride interferes with mineralization of bones and teeth, causing osteoporosis and dental fluorosis.
In a study at the University of Austin scientists found that the fluoride concentration of 1 PPM (parts per million) increases the tumor growth rate by 25% (this is the concentration used in the USA). Fluoride is more poisonous than lead. Procter & Gamble quoted in Fluoride the Ageing Factor: "A seven ounce tube of toothpaste, theoretically at least, contains enough fluoride to kill a small child." Fluoride supplements should not be given to children under three years old. Fluoride accelerates ageing of skin and organs.
Fluoride changes the shape of the enzymes so that they no longer fit for functioning. Enzymes are proteins which grab onto other molecules in order to assimilate important nutrients. This process incorporates nutrient molecules into cells so that they stay healthy and nourished. When the shape of the enzymes has been altered through chemicals like fluoride the system treats them as invaders. This is known as autoimmune dysfunction. When immune cells attack the enzymes it creates a devastating domino effect throughout the whole system causing organ degeneration, faster ageing and severe illness.
The fluoride added to drinking water is called fluorosilicic acid which is a compound of fluorine and a chemical byproduct of aluminium, steel, cement, phosphate, and nuclear weapon manufacturing.
According to Wikipedia hydrogen fluoride is being released as a gas which evaporates from it’s molecular connection in water. This means when we take showers or wash our hands with fluoridated water we also breathe in the fluoride in gas form. Inhalation of fluoride in gas form can cause lung edemas, which is a buildup of excess serous fluid between cells causing swelling of tissue and possible pulmonary obstruction. But also skin contact to fluoridated water causes the fluoride to transfer into our systems. The fluoride molecules penetrate through every water filter and skin. That’s why it’s recommended to have a reverse osmosis water filtration system installed which is expensive. The water that comes out of the reverse osmosis is as pure as distilled water.
Countries who have rejected water fluoridation: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden and Canada.
Fluoride is the active poison in rat poisons and cockroach powder. The American Dental Association advises parents not to give fluoridated water to babies.
Fluoridation has been linked to immune system alteration, musculoskeletal harm, skeletal deformation, genetic damage, thyroid dysfunction, and even cancer.
The Harvard School of Dental Medicine found a strong, statistically significant relationship between fluoride in tap water at levels commonly found in US American water supplies, and the rare but often fatal form of bone cancer, called osteosarcoma, in boys. The association is particularly strong when exposure occurs during periods of rapid bone growth that take place between ages five and ten. The findings confirm the results of earlier studies by the US Public Health Service and the New Jersey Department of Health that found an association between fluoride in tap water and bone cancer in males under age 20.
Fluoride causes bone and tooth decay (including dental and skeletal fluorosis, bone pathology, arthritis, and osteoporosis), Alzheimer’s Disease, memory loss and other neurodegenerative diseases, kidney damage, cancer, genetic damage, and gastrointestinal problems. In addition, fluoride has been found to leach lead from old water pipes and soldering materials, which has resulted in increased lead levels.
(Information sources: Wikipedia, several Google links,, Harvard School of Dental Medicine)

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