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Between the limitations of “Animal Control” and the rules and regs surrounding “Disturbing the Peace,” a gap existed.

Have you ever tried to enjoy a holiday when some dog in the neighborhood barks incessantly for four days non-stop? You found out there was nothing you could do about it. Or a vehicle rolls down the street vibrating your windows with the loud thump, thump, thump of their music.

Until now, you could try complaining, but there was really nothing of substance that could be done. Animal Control has limited hours and limited man power. Per Police Chief Plack, he needed these additional tools of the noise ordinance to take action.

That all changed when the city council voted to approve the noise ordinance at the April 2nd, ’12 council meeting. Now, the police can go out and investigate and cite if necessary in order to get the situation resolved. Similar to a traffic ticket, people will have to pay for their noise.

The part about charging businesses an added expense for conditional use permits tied to “noise” was eliminated from the ordinance. No need, in my mind, to place another expense on businesses when we need to retain the ones we already have and attract more to fill up our empty buildings and create jobs.

City resident, Roger Gitlin, brought up some good points to encourage the council members to vote against the ordinance. One being that it creates an additional level of government, and the other being; aren’t there bigger issues than noise?

While I agree with Mr Gitlin that there are bigger issues; I can’t forget the many complaints I’ve heard from people in the neighborhoods worried about those “inconsiderate youngsters” playing their loud music driving down the streets. It scares them to death. Now that the noise ordinance is in place, perhaps we can get back to some of the bigger issues like jobs and improving the economic environment, clean drinking water free of toxic industrial waste, and reducing costs like sewer and garbage rates so people can continue to have a food budget/purchase medications/keep a roof over their heads.

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