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By Mark Meuser – December 4, 2021

Fellow American –

Here’s why I’m continuing to fight against the vaccine mandates being pushed by Joe Biden and the left.

Last night I came across a Freedom of Information Act report that shocked me. I had to share it with you because I’ve not seen a single corporate media outlet cover it.

The FDA just released a report created by Pfizer in February 2021, showing that their Pfizer vaccine had killed 1,223 individuals. This report also shows that 270 women had “spontaneous abortions” due to the vaccine.

Additionally, it shows that over 10,000 people had a serious nervous system reaction to the vaccine.

I am sure we will be finding out more about this shocking Pfizer report over the next couple of days.

But, Fellow American, why is no one talking about this, and why haven’t they taken these dangerous vaccines off the market?!

The fight against vaccine mandates is no longer just about medical freedom. Now it’s about protecting your health from a dangerous gene therapy disguised as a vaccine.

I’m still fighting in the courts to make sure a mandate never becomes permanent, but we need to take back the Senate majority and block these before they even have a chance to get started.

I need your help to take back the Senate. Republicans only need one seat to return to power. Because I am running for the seat that was vacated by Kamala Harris, the Supreme Court has ruled that the day I win the election, I immediately become a United States Senator and end the 50/50 Senate. The fastest way to end the 50/50 Senate is through California.

Attorney Mark Meuser, is a Republican running for US Senate. Please visit his website for further information.

5 thoughts on “Why is no one talking about this?”
  1. Good article, people need to hear this. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a database of all deaths and illness from all so called vaccines that people might find useful.

  2. Because Meuser is a fraud and a grifter and there’s not a word of truth to this. Please find one independent source to verify it.

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