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Opinion Piece By Wes Nunn – November 2, 2022

What the Harbor needs now more than ever is financial accountability. And here’s why I see Kevin Hendrick as the worst possible choice for Harbor Commissioner.

Kevin Hendrick ran the Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority (DNSWMA) for over 15 years. The entire time he literally ran a pencil and paper accounting system for this multi-million dollar operation. What this means is that numbers could be changed, erased, altered and all done in house.

In this day and age that is totally unacceptable.

I served on both the Solid Waste Task Force and the Solid Waste Ad Hoc committee. Only when the Ad Hoc Committee insisted that he come into the 21st century did he reluctantly agree to become computerized.

Shortly thereafter Kevin Hendrick lost his position as Executive Director due to lack of accountability on a separate matter.

I discovered other problems.  My background was as an auditor at Macy’s Department Store in Santa Rosa for 10 years. 

I recognized two auditable points that are pertinent here.

1.)   Total at the scales at the local transfer station.

2.)   Tipping records at White City where the disposal is ultimately dumped.

There was a substantial difference between the two points that made no sense to me.    

The discrepancy was accounted for by Kevin Hendrick for many years by the questionable claim of an overinflated amount concerning recycling.

However, after Kevin Hendrick and Ellen Brown left the employ of the DNSWMA the number adjusted for the next two years at a much more realistic measurement and the discrepancy diminished.  What this tells me personally is that some degree of embezzlement may have been taking place.

While it is not conclusive who or what caused the discrepancy the responsibility to audit and discover such discrepancies was ultimately on Kevin Hendricks shoulders as Executive Director.

Adding these together we plainly see that with his track record, Kevin Hendrick may be the last person you want making decisions affecting our Harbor

On a personal note I believe Kevin Hendrick is drawn to the position of Harbor Commissioner because they have the same accountability problems that were prevalent at the Solid Waste.

I strongly urge you to vote for those that take their responsibilities seriously. In my opinion, Kevin Hendrick is the worst possible choice to put in a position of fiscal and fiduciary responsibility at the Harbor.

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