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By Angry Old American

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Why is it that every mainstream media outlet in the United States have nothing good to report about President Donald J. Trump? Could it be that 90% of media is controlled by only six corporations that in turn are owned by the wealthiest people in America? Why do these powers hate Trump so much?

The Goal of the Wealthy is to Obtain More Wealth

A massive exodus of United States manufacturing began during the eight years of the Clinton Administration. American factories closed and unemployment soared during the subsequent administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. By 2017, the world’s financial elites planned to expand their investment shift to China in support of a new international social model.

This shift of investment was announced; but the social model transfer was never broadcast. China was simply lauded for its phenomenal growth of manufacture at the Davos Economic Summit of 2017. It was proclaimed that the world looked to China to supply the future of manufacture. 

Western reliance upon cheap Chinese labor, along with erosion of both jobs and the Middle Class, had produced what the Elites consider a crop of lazy and self-entitled “Worthless Eaters.” This financial drain on their bottom-line would no longer be tolerated. Through Critical Race Theory indoctrination, they hoped to gradually provoke a Western Communist cultural revolution.

A “Third Industrial Revolution” where robotic factories would do all of the work was sold to a gullible public. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics would do all of the manufacturing and agriculture; they would serve our food and transport us; they would even supplant human professions like medicine and law. Work, as we know it today, would become a thing of the past. The robots would work and be taxed to support the human population. A universal basic income, 200 square feet of living space per person, free education and Medicare-for-all were just a few of the rewards at the end of their Socialist utopian rainbow. Virtual Reality (VR), delivered wirelessly by Huawei’s new 5G network would provide a heaven on earth where everybody’s dreams would be fed by an “Internet of Things.” Immersive VR, including 3D glasses, audio, touch and scent would take us anywhere on earth to participate in any activity we desire. Robots would serve us in our homes. Robotic sex dolls and VR would replace internet porn. The switch to Virtual Reality would save resources, and subsequently save the planet from the predations of mankind. 

These fanciful notions and others were sold by futurists, and bought by many. All of the dream-come-true plans for this new “Virtual Reality” were fantasy. The “True Reality” would be far different in this game of bait and switch.

Through a racially divisive cultural revolution, the new Chinese Communist Party (CCP) social model would be adopted throughout the Western world. Individual liberties would gradually be replaced with Orwellian control measures for the “Common Good;” a common good determined by central planning. Smart phones would monitor the location and activities of the population through Huawei’s 5G network, and police them with digital artificial intelligence algorithms and facial recognition software. The CCP’s “Social Credit System” would monitor citizens 24/7 and punish transgressors for unauthorized actions or thoughts. Travel, financial transactions, internet use, and access to common electrical appliances through the Smart-Meter grid would be strictly controlled. Like in China, rebels would face social ostracism, financial confiscation and eventual criminal punishment, internment, forced labor, or even execution and forced organ transplants. With the same ruthless efficiency exhibited by the Chinese Communist Party, the “Worthless Eaters” would be forced to work long hours or be erased and harvested. The earth’s resources would be saved through near-starvation rationing.

How President Trump Spoiled the Plan

President Trump had other ideas about the future of America. He openly opposed Chinese industrial domination and plans of the financial elites by imposing stiff tariffs on imported goods. This not only cut into the profits of Chinese slave-labor and sweat-shop factory operators; but also the American industries that import those goods. President Trump also called for industry to return to the United States, and subsequently sparked a revival of job growth and a rising stock market. 

Technology theft by China was also curtailed by Trump’s Justice Department. This theft of intellectual property has been unchecked for decades. Closure of Chinese embassies for spying, and the arrests of professors for espionage at Harvard and other Ivy League Universities are just the tip of a very large iceberg. Academia was solidly allied to the CCP through the Confucius Institutes, the Thousand Talents Programs, and indoctrination of Critical Race Theory through our public schools. All of these Chinese programs have been challenged by Trump. In 2020, the CCP’s highest priority is to end the Trump Administration and return power to China through “Normalized Relations” with the Democrat Party. 

China was not the only target for tariffs. Trade treaties with Asian and European alliances were renegotiated under Trump. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), with an outflow of both jobs and money was halted.  

Pharmaceutical Companies, the financial hub of the United States Medical Industry, suffered severe financial reversals. Sweetheart deals made with Big Pharma through “Obamacare” were renegotiated. Because the financial stranglehold over patients was broken, and the massive hemorrhage from Medicare stopped, this alone made many very powerful enemies for Trump.  When Trump allowed States to purchase the same medications at prices offered in Third World Countries, Big Pharma devoted all of their resources toward his removal.

President Trump’s war on the opioid epidemic further cut into the most lucrative segment of the pharmaceutical drug trade. The import of Fentanyl, primarily from China, was curtailed. This has caused further animosity from both China and the American Pharmaceutical Industry.

Perhaps the most dangerous enemies of President Trump are those in the Military Industrial Complex. This alliance of Intelligence, Pentagon Insiders and the Defense Industry stood unchecked since George H.W. Bush announced his “New World Order.” President Trump had the audacity to stand in opposition to unfettered military expansion and spending. His two nominations for Nobel Peace Prizes are testament of his dedication to peace. 

President Trump is loved by the Soldier in the field and Veterans. He signed into law the VA Choice Act and VA Accountability Act; caring for long neglected military veterans. Yet, President Trump is not liked or respected by Pentagon Insiders who sold-out to military contractors or fell prey to CCP compromise.

Trump’s insistence that NATO partners fulfill their financial commitments have further ostracized the Military Industrial Complex. American arms manufacturers must now compete with those from other countries on an equal footing, without the United States subsidizing the Armies that they sell to. It also eliminated opportunities for Pentagon Insiders and Corrupt Politicians to collect extortion and graft. 

By building “The Wall” at the Mexican Border, President Trump limited not only illegal immigration; but lucrative narcotics and human trafficking operations. Mexican Cartels, with ties to both CCP intelligence in Latin America and the covert illegal “dark intelligence” apparatus of North America have been seriously hampered. Financial losses to the underground tapeworm economy have made even more enemies for the Trump Administration. Criminal gangs and organized crime groups have seen a steep decline in revenues.

The United States withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord brought immediate condemnation from both United Nations and Greta “How Dare You!” Thunberg. Trump did not deny climate change; but rather the claim that the United Nations and Democrats could somehow magically reverse the climate trend through irrational application of carbon credit extortion. China, the biggest world polluter, was given favored nation status while the USA faced draconian measures. This was no surprise, because the UN leadership is dominated by Communists and Islamists.

Poor Greta and the United Nations faced even further shocks as the United States became oil energy independent through fracking. American oil independence was also a huge shock to Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Russia and other major oil producers. The price of oil tanked worldwide. The Saudi Arabian Royal Family was forced to go public with its privately owned ARAMCO oil company and Venezuela’s socialist regime sank into poverty. Coal and natural gas net exports from the United States soared also, further cutting energy costs worldwide.

Many enemies were made in the Democrat dominated US Congress over massive tax cuts. The mainstream media was quick to point out cuts for big business; which was done in an attempt to repatriate manufacturing jobs from China. What isn’t mentioned is the lowest top marginal tax for small businesses in over 80 years.

Last, but not least, are President Trump’s humanitarian interests. These include an end to forced organ harvesting and ethnic persecution in China along with human trafficking worldwide. 

The United States spearheaded sanctions against China for human rights abuses. The European Union, Great Britain and others have all joined to sanction China for treatment of their indigenous peoples. Forced internment, sterilizations, slave labor and brutality of their Uighur minority in secret internment camps faced the light of day. Industrial scale forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong religious practitioners was also cited during international tribunals. The Trump Administration openly defied the CCP in support of the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement. 

President Trump’s work to expose and end human trafficking is a special thorn in the side of the world’s financial elites. One need only look at the long and growing list of visitors to Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophile Island” on Little St. James to comprehend the scope and magnitude of this problem. It also explains why so many of the financial elites have hushed the topic of human trafficking in the mainstream media for so many years.

Who Wouldn’t Hate President Trump?

In summary, the world’s powers of wealth and privilege have significant reasons to turn loose their mainstream media dogs of war on Donald J. Trump. His list of enemies is long; they include the Chinese Communist Party (less than 8% of the Chinese Population), Slave-Labor and Sweatshop Capitalists, Academic Traitors and Spies, greedy and usurious Pharmaceutical Giants, Military Industrialists, corrupt Pentagon and Intelligence insiders, Corrupt Politicians, Drug and Human Trafficking Cartels, Domestic Organized Crime Groups and Street Gangs,

Saudi Arabia and Big-Oil Producers in OPEC, Oil Oligarchs in Russia and Venezuela, High-Tax and Big-Government Democrats, the Forced Organ Transplant Industry, Ethnic Slave-Labor Supporters, and Elite Pedophile Rings.  

Indeed, for anyone who has reason to profit from the message of mainstream media, or the naivety to believe it, Donald J. Trump is a monster and must be stopped.

President Trump accomplished much more during his four years in office. He signed into law the largest nature conservation bill in history. The Right-To-Try legislation allowed the terminally ill to circumvent FDA regulations. Began the process of establishing the Space Force as the sixth branch of the military. There were also the withdrawal from a one-sided Iran deal, and the establishment of a US Embassy in Jerusalem. Most important, he accomplished all these things despite a hostile news media and a rebel Congress that wanted nothing but his impeachment.

I could add President Trump’s stellar response to the Chinese biological weapon known as “Covid-19.” Initial projections were over 2 million fatalities in the first year from the CCP Virus; but actual figures were 10% of that number. I could also point to his restraint in the face of Democrat condoned and supported insurrection during an election year. Martial Law and military occupation could have been forced on rebel cities through the Insurrection Act; but was not. The CCP-Virus along with Antifa and Black Lives Matter Movement attacks were responses from an unfriendly foreign power, a group of self-serving financial elites with unlimited financial resources, and a firmly intrenched group of corrupt and treasonous insiders that President Trump calls “The Swamp.”


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