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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – January 1, 2020

I get such a kick out of listening to regressive fools like Chuck Todd of Meet the Press.  Todd is symptomatic of what is wrong within academia as well as the media.  Todd isn’t a journalist.  He is a propagandist.

How exactly do you get a job as a journalist without any degree whatsoever?  How do you become an adjunct professor at a prestigious university such as John Hopkins without obtaining a bachelor degree?  On top of all of this,  Marymount University out of Arlington Virginia gives this guy an honorary doctorate because of his work in journalism.

To get to the point, Todd and his crew are now attempting to flip the spin on fake news onto conservatives including the President.  At least he was partially right in complaining that one of the polar opposites can’t be speaking the truth.

Briefly, anyone can read the transcript of the telephone call between Trump and the president of the Ukraine.  Much as some supposed scientists do research with a predetermined outcome, people like Todd attempt to find ways to discredit, insinuate, and use illogic to defeat their enemy.  Try the truth sometime, Chuck.

I continue to hear leftist pundits claiming that the call to Zelensky definitely and definitively shows that Trump was attempting to gather dirt on Biden for the coming election.  The fact is Trump’s concern was as to what occurred during the 2016 election and to get to the bottom of the Ukraine’s own governmental corruption.

When you have Biden bragging about getting a prosecutor and investigator fired because his son Hunter was involved and threatening to withhold a billion in aid (to buy more blankets I guess), then have those “professional” journalists such as Todd ignoring this aspect, the credibility of those at the top of television journalism went right down the toilet.  Trump not only grants aid to the Ukraine but gives these people actual weapons.  Where was Todd’s faux outrage when the Obama regime was guilty of “endangering our national security” for real?  You can’t have it both ways.

How is it that Republicans never brought up national security when Obama and Eric Holder were doing “Fast and Furious”, their little gun running show?  The fact of the matter is the conservatives aren’t all that concerned about protecting America and Americans given their inaction simply because America had their first half black president.  Ideology seems to be the pinnacle to democrats while Republicans have a hard time mustering even coherent expressions of their beliefs and platforms.

Democrats had no problem getting Obamacare done while the Republicans can’t even develop a replacement.  Totally rescinding the Affordable Care Act, enacting tort reform, and going back to a free market medical system shouldn’t be that difficult to do.  Yet Republicans do nothing even though it was the traitorous John McCain who blocked action in this direction.

Getting back to my main point, Todd is now saying that the Right’s supporters would rather listen to fantasy than know the truth.  Who is going to tell us the truth, Chuck, you?  We all see you bias in your weekly Democrat caucus fake news show.  It’s all about defeating or removing Donald Trump rather than working to improve our country or actually reporting real news.  There is good reason for this.  Chuck and his ilk hate what the US is.

Nothing will change in the New Year, at least not until November.  Even if Republicans become the majority in the House and retain the Senate, they will not have the gumption to initiate governmental actions which benefit anyone but the Swamp.  As long as the political aristocracy remains in place, the unelected public will always be secondary except to President Donald J. Trump.

I keep thinking about the George Millers and John Garamendis of California and our country.  What exactly have they contributed to the well being of any of us?  What have they done to make us more free, to allow us the freedom to make our own decisions?  The political elite want to herd us and be our masters in misery rather than letting us achieve greatness according to our ability and hard work.

The elite, the Elizabeth Warrens and Bernie Sanders, are all about theft and enslavement.  Most of the public is now seeing the truth in this.  Will this be the death knell of a sick and depraved party?  Hardly when you have geniuses such as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her Muslim squab cohorts waiting in the wings, only a purifying election and their defeat at the polls will guillotine their plot to turn America socialist at best and into a Sharia law Islamic state at the worst.

The entrenched bureaucracy will fight to preserve itself.  The Swamp is real and we see it locally as well as at the State level.  To reverse the tide, educational institutions must be destroyed by fire so that the Phoenix of the scientific method is reincarnated.  It’s not about what you feel, it is about what you can prove.

Real people must now attempt to become rational rather than simply accepting the parroted commentary of the media.  If you can’t sort out fact from fiction on your own, our country will continue its downward spiral or accelerate to the precipice of total destruction.  It is about right and wrong and if you can’t discern the difference you weren’t raised right.

I thought the survey on reasons for or against impeachment were very telling.  Once more it appears this is a battle between emotional decision making and logical conclusions.  Those who supported impeachment couldn’t name an act or commission of an illegality.  They simply don’t like Trump’s personality, the way he conducts himself, or his communication style.

Those against impeachment give the facts about the accomplishments of our current President.  It is not against the law for the president to call another country’s president to ask for an investigation of what role the other country’s actors played in our last election.  If Trump hadn’t mentioned Biden and then Biden was caught in the investigatory web, would that have made a difference?  Why should it?  “If you can’t do the time, you shouldn’t do the crime.”

We will see more turmoil when Attorney General William Barr and investigator John Durham issue their findings.  Rather than accepting factual findings, the regressives of the Left will attempt to defend the defenseless positions much as Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are now saying their email texts should never have been released because they know those texts incriminate both of them.  Again, the Left will attempt to spin it back on those with facts on their side, chanting the childish “I know you are so what am I?”

The libertarian philosophy of Thomas Jefferson of limited government as a necessary evil shouldn’t escape any of us.  We would all be far better off with less regulation and limited laws.  We have grown all too accustomed to being told what to do by those who are part of a sick system.

We ask who is John Galt?  Donald Trump is.  View his actions as representative of his philosophy.  I heard Trump enjoys the company of true achievers.  The bureaucrat and their society abhors individualism while championing equal misery and suffering as ultimately fair and necessary.

Rather than being defeatist or non-confrontational ala the libertarian Galt, Trump is attempting to right society by eliminating what stands in its way.

And you wonder why the Left irrationally hates this man? …

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