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By Donna Westfall – July 4, 2016 –

Del Norte County pays McClure to do a job and represent our interests, not only at the regular board of supervisors meetings, but the multitude of committees that she is assigned to.  Unfortunately, ever since the election, no one that I know of has seen or heard of Martha.  She has been AWOL on her regular board meetings for the last months.  She has also missed all of her committee assignments, forcing other members of the board of supervisors to do extra duty by filling in for her.
Here are some of the committees that need Martha’s participation, but are not getting it:  The Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority, FEMA, Local Indian Gaming Committee, Inter Governmental Relations Committee, North Coast Emergency Medical Services Committee, The Resource Advisory Committee, The Revolving Loan Committee, The Community Health Alliance Committee.
And then there’s the California Coastal Commission that paid for her airfare, her hotel and she still didn’t show up for meetings. Is this a case of sour grapes?
We, the taxpayers, are obligated to give McClure a paycheck every month, so until her term is up in December, she needs to continue to work for that check. So grow up, McClure, and stop your pouting. If you’re done, resign! Then, let Lori Cowan step into that seat five months early.
Otherwise, do your job, McClure!
2 thoughts on “Why Won’t Martha McClure Do Her Job?”
  1. I wish David Finigan would likewise exit stage left. He makes Martha look mild. Both are criminals that deserve whatever IS COMING. Will immunity save them from FRAUD? It’s time to let the cat out of the bag.

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