Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Wild Rivers Comm FoundTen students from DNHS’s Career and Technical Education department wanted to build an electric car. And now, they are making it happen! After an inspirational presentation and request for funding, the panel surprised them with a check for $30,700 to make their dreams a reality.

The funding to support this project was provided through the Gil and Anne Hess Memorial fund here at Wild Rivers Community Foundation, created with the goal of supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in Del Norte’s students.

The funding will allow them to purchase a DIY kit from Switch Vehicles Inc. to build a car that will seat three and travel up to 70mph. The students already have plans to modify and customize the car after it is built.

Congratulations to Braydon Genoud-Harris, George Landeros, Zach Caseras, Spring Wilson, Ryan Pickenpaugh, Matt Hamm, Dylan Teague, Wyatt Duncan, Rees Her, Hunter Percy, as well as instructors, Brett Lauble and Jeff Van Pelt.


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