Sat. Jul 20th, 2024


My Loyal fans,

I attended the Wild Rivers Market Grand- Ribbon Cutting-Opening ceremony on Friday along with many
fellow chamber of commerce members and an “outstanding” public show of support. For those of you who
were there no need to refresh your memory of a truly memorable event is necessary. The Wild Rivers Market is
an outstanding establishment with Rick and his staff, a well lit, well organized, and moderately priced
health food store.

I personally have not seen such an outpouring of people happy about the store being here and as well
buying things. It surely was a great day for the business. Better yet were the presence of a few local businesses that
are vendors to this store such as Alexander Dairies, Ocean Air Farms, Rumianos’ and Matt Westbrooks’ Organic Valley.

The overall selection of products on the shelves definitely fills an important niche for the community. The
friendly and most knowledgeable staff make shopping there a truly wonderful experience. Wild Rivers
Market is and will become a tremendous asset to Del Norte county and we wish them all the best !


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