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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – May 11, 2021

“I am one of millions who have chosen not to have a Covid vaccine. Does
that mean I’m banned from planes, buildings, and shops?  Covid
Apartheid, anyone? Opines Jani Allan a recognized and celebrated South
African journalist currently living and writing for RT here in the
United States.  Thus far only about 30% of the US population has rolled
up their sleeves to receive one of three Covid-19 vaccines.  Much to the
distress of our local Covid celebrity and media darling, Dr. Warren
Rehwaldt, only a bit over 20% of Del Norte County’s population have
fallen in line to receive their jabs.   The current Federal
Administration has begun to pour billions of dollars in funding a nation
wide effort to promote inoculation of the Covid vaccine to enable the
Country to return to normal…..    Eventually.

According to our local fascistic dear leader, Dr Rehwaldt, ample
supplies exist within the County of all three types of the vaccine.  One
only has to make an appointment at any of multiple locations to receive
“THE JAB.”  Much of this renewed full court press is to insure everyone
bends a knee to the alter of vaccination with what appears to be the
result of a plateauing of demand for the vaccine.  This disturbing trend
from citizens in a “free” society to forgo becoming vaccinated is deeply
troubling to the woke, virtue signaling portions of today’s “virtuous
vaccinated.”  From our empty head in the White House to our slicked back
haired empty suit in Sacramento, leaders and their accomplices in the
media are focused on vaccines like and addict looking to score his next
fix.  The notion that someone should have a say in whether or not to
accept being vaccinated is not up for debate.  Those that refuse are
being “dehumanized and ‘othered’.”

After nearly sixteen months of hearing Dr. Rehwaldt’s tolling of the
bell of doom nearly weekly, 10 more cases, 1 hospitalized, no new cases
at Pelican Bay, at least some people are beginning to wonder about the
sanity of all this pandering.  At no time has our esteemed Public Health
Chief bothered to explain what science supported this transition into
trampling on individual choice when it comes to personal health.  Even
in the interval since the commencement of the Pandemic has “science”
caught up to the elusive virus to be able to clearly define it and
explain how it operates?  Didn’t think so.  After well over a year and a
half, the public is still waiting for an explanation for why masks,
social distancing and lockdowns have not curbed the spread?  Why is it
when fully vaccinated people are allowed no additional freedoms, or
allowances other than to be considered virtuous would anyone think the
Country was any closer to returning to normalcy? As numbers begin to
decline, we continue to hear messaging that we are not through it yet,
it may take years more.  The vaccine was supposed to be “THE GREAT
SOLUTION”!  What happened?

While many states in this Country are in the process of shedding their
mandates and a conflicted public sees a glimmer of hope, why isn’t it
happening here as well?  Even if the County becomes more in line with
the rest of the Country and “the vaccinated” become the majority, many
will refuse to accept being experiments.  What happens then?  Will the
unvaccinated be able to board a plane, take public transportation, have
a job, go to the store, or send their children to school?  Are we
becoming a two tiered society? Clearly when abortion was an issue,
remember “My Body, My Choice.”  Is it now to become, “Your body, My
Choice?”  What have we become in this nation when stoked fear of a
previously unknown virus has brought kicking and screaming out into the
light, the great divide which has cemented itself in the minds of many
both locally and nation wide?  When will we be allowed to recover our
own individuality and not be considered offensive?  When will We the
People be returned to the Country which has a Bill Of Rights which
allows us to chose our own Fate and not be held responsible for that of
others?  When has it become the business of others to decide whether or
not some one should be vaccinated in order to exist as a person in this

4 thoughts on “Will I Be Stripped of My Freedoms If I Chose Not to Be Vaccinated?”
  1. I have been fully vaccinated. The President of the United States claims those of us vaccinated need not wear masks. However, just today I walked into Coast Central Bank without a mask. All the employees were masked, I figured hey, you have not been vaccinated yet. But I was wrong. Some gal who works at the branch made it a point to tell me, “You are not allowed in this bank if you do not wear a mask.” I informed her the US President stated if we are fully vaccinated we are not required to wear masks,. her reply was, “We don’t go by the President of the US rules.” ok so let’s get this straight. you get injected with chemicals that are more harmful for your body then not, and now you still have to wear a mask because the harmful chemicals that you placed into your body means it is not working requiring you to wear a mask…..That’s cool, once my check from social security arrives this month i will make it a point to cancel my account with coast central.

    Folks are we done having our liberties taken away yet? Are we done having our children fail in school because of the nonsensical permanent shutdowns in our State? Are we done losing money on our businesses because they get opened and shut at the whim of Dr. Rehwaldt? Where are our leaders who are elected? It is time to find a Governor to stand up to this nonsense and allow our liberties to return.

    1. Do you know what RNA is? There is little company named Moderna. you might have heard of them. They specialize in modifying RNA using modular synthesis robotics. Don’t believe me. Go visit their own website. I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but this is LITERALLY what their own website explains.

      Also, we have no legal recourse if we suffer form the injection jabs. These companies have been granted specialized immunity from civil and criminal liability.
      Yeah, I’m not taking the jab. I don’t care if I’m a walking petri dish. I’m going to take this line straight from the Liberal Agenda: MY BODY, MY CHOICE. It’s YOUR choice to wear a mask and weaken your immune system. I prefer to be exposed to the many variants of flu and colds to strengthen my immune system, thank you very much!

      But yes, we lose our freedom no matter what we do because our society is too weak to fight back. At least our government has excuses as to why they are taking our freedoms, saying it’s for public safety.

  2. It is interesting that over Memorial Day weekend, Brookings will have there Azalea Festival and Grants Pass will have their Boatnik, but the Kinetic Grand Championship Race from Arcata top Ferndale will be virtual only as it was last year. Humboldt County is in the Orange tier and much better off than Del Norte, Curry and Josephine counties.

    1. When you say “much better off” what does that even mean any more? National and local “experts” don’t even agree on how many have “actually died from Covid”, how many masks to wear, whether the vaccines even work as they are supposed to, or whether or not testing even reveals if you are positive for Covid and even “have it”. There doesn’t seem to be much consistency in various government responses and counter measures to the virus and the corresponding results. Reported numbers are wildly at odds with “expert” pronouncements and reality, that is if one is to be had. The question continues to need to be raised, “Have we been led to “believe” that Covid-19 is a far greater threat to health and mortality than it actually is?” Is the response to it proportional or is something else going on here? Is there sufficient evidence to believe that the American Public and for that matter the greater world has been had by this “medical panic”?. What is the story here? And, are we going to continue to behave abnormally until exactly when? Summer of 2021?, Sometime in 2022?, 2023? or never? Is there anything that appears to be going on here that leads back to apparent normalcy? Maskless public appearances? Covid vaccination “Passports”? Pressured behavior and innoculations? Doesn’t appear to be the case. More importantly, where is the “science” in all of this?

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