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Opinion Piece By Wes Nunn – March 18, 2018

We’re finally rid of the corrupt practices of former district attorney, Jon Alexander,
(disbarred by the California State Bar), former supervisor, Martha McClure, (Google
L.A. Times, article by Steve Lopez in March 2018), and former appointed judge
Doehle.  Chris Doehle is a good attorney. Unfortunately she was a terrible judge for reasons I will detail in my next article. Additionally, two corrupt sheriff’s officers were forced to quit a few years back. And it looks like we’ll soon be rid of the drastically corrupt practices of Judges Schafer and Follett.

Perhaps the days of good ol’ boy corruption being protected at the judicial level are finally coming to an end. Now we have Judge Darren McElfresh, a judge who insists the law must be followed; something that almost seems novel in our local court. Del Norte County is finally becoming less like an isolated island where corrupt judges rule the county.

In January 2019, Robert Cochran will be sworn in as our new judge. Bob reports he enjoys good health and fully expects to fulfill his six-year term.
Since Mr. Cochran is the former partner of the corrupt Judge Schafer and Judge Follett, I had concerns. Typically, a person who chooses to start a new career at his age usually does so for one of two reasons: either because he wants to give back to the community that made him so successful, or because he intends to step into the shoes of corruption.

So I contacted Mr. Cochran directly and asked him whether he will be able and willing, when necessary, to set aside any corrupt or illegal ruling made by another judge. I’m pleased to report Mr. Cochran has promised he will follow the law. To quote Mr. Cochran, “I can assure you, as a  general proposition, I will follow the law, and in particular any ruling made by the
appellate court regarding any case.”

In addition Mr. Cochran will be swearing an oath of his obligations as judge.
If Mr. Cochran is a man of his word, we will finally be rid of the judicial
corruption that has plagued our local court for so long.

I predicted a ploy in one of my previous reports. Corrupt judges often groom
replacements to help keep their tracks covered. I believe this was the circumstance with the former judge Doehle for reasons I will detail in my next article.

Also, a simple ploy could be that Mr. Cochran would work a month or two, retire for health reasons and Follett would be right back in as a retired judge.   

I’ll be delighted to have Bob Cochran prove me wrong.

  1. Wes, you were wrong about Cochran. He doesn’t look after children’s best interests at all. I think he was assigned due to connections and to help out the men to not have accountability for being neglectful. I strongly believe a family law judge should have a background in family sociology and psychology. He is biased. I had tons of evidence against the father of my child who’s been very neglectful financially and emotionally to our son (and still is) and he bypassed it. My father’s child had none and whatever his attorney made up without any evidence to back up her statements, he gave credit. He is not following law. He’s seeking for men’s best interests not children’s best interests.

  2. I need a lawyer that can help me appeal an unjust ruling, favoring a sex offender, admitted drug addict. Immediate time crunch.

  3. Wes, I think you deserve the Presidential Medal of Freedom
    Awarded by the President of the United States of America
    Type Medal Awarded for “An especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.”[1]
    Statistics DistinctUnknown; an average of fewer than 11 per year since 1993
    Next (higher) None
    Next (lower) Presidential Citizens Medal
    Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction (ribbon).PNG Presidential Medal of Freedom (ribbon).png
    Service ribbon of the Presidential Medal of Freedom
    The efforts and time you spend educating the public on how our freedoms and rights are being abused by people holding possiions that were created to protect our democracy.The best way to educate is to model the necessary actions needed to expose corruption and the specific laws that are being ignored that empowers those who feel they are entitled to live outside the laws the responsible,freedom loving citizens follow. I have no idea how entitled people can rationalize their self serving attitudes and legal practices.If the population were polled the attitudes of the entitled would be in the minority.I asked some young people why they donot protest the corruption they are forced to live with. Many said if you complain the entitled will retaliate.

    Wes, Thank you for your courage, insight and serving your country to protect our freedom.
    You deserve the Presidential metal of Freedom. As you know I was a medic in the US Army from 1966-1969.
    Many people have thanked me for serving. Your actions as a civilian has secured democracy as much as anything I did as an enlisted person. Doug and Donna have provided a forum where the freedom of speech can be protected from the corrupt. All veterans have pledged to potect America from all enemies, both Foreign and domestic I would like to thank every American who is willing to do whatever they can to protect our country from all enemies of democracy, freedom and civil rights.

  4. I wouldn’t be so quick to offer a gleaming or polished recommendation on Mr. Cochoran yet. He is very soft on child molesters…years ago there was a case where he represented a man who had been convicted of child molestation and served time. The convicted person wanted visitation rights with his 8 year old daughter which were to be supervised by the convicted’s mother. Cocorhan said, “well she is 8 years old and the father likes 13 year olds.”
    I don’t know about how anyone else feels but that is outrageous in my view.. that isn’t the only case like that which is frightening and telling. This year our county will be without any suitable candidates in a couple of categories and the people of our county will not have justice served

    1. I definitely have reservations about Cochran. That’s why I say “If Cochran is a man of his word”, and “I’ll be delighted to have Bob Cochran prove me wrong”. I’m extremely concerned that any person starts a new career at an age older than Judge Follett’s retirement age. It doesn’t make sense to me. Knowing how corrupt Judges Schafer and Follett are is why I’m predicting the whole thing could be a ploy. Other people have told me Cochran just wants it to be his legacy. But he promised to follow the law and, believe me, I’m going to hold him to it.

      25 of the States mandate judicial retirement at 70 years old and another 13 mandate retirement by 75. Yet Mr. Cochran is just starting his new career at an age older than most mandated retirement. It makes no sense to me at all.

      1. Wes, You were not wrong about Cochran. I am saddened to know that the lives of our children are left at the decision and discretion of such judge. He attacks women, and shows favoritism. I can write a book!

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