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By LifeSiteNews – November 24, 2021

On the eve of Thanksgiving, consider this.

In 2 weeks, the Supreme Court hears the most important abortion-related case in the last 50 years — Dobbs v. Jackson — which may very well result in a decision to overturn Roe v. Wade altogether.

This truly is a historic time for the pro-life movement in our country.

That’s right: America is now in its best position in generations to end abortion in its entirety at the federal level.

Dear Donna,

We apologize for emailing you just before Thanksgiving, but this is extremely important, and we wanted to give you a second opportunity to participate in this historic pro-life moment.

As mentioned above, the case which the Supreme Court will hear in only one week’s time, could effectively end abortion in its entirety at the federal level.

This, then, is truly an historic time for the pro-life movement in our country!

But even if Roe is overturned, it will still be up to individual states to ensure that abortion is banned outright.

Thankfully, some states are already preparing their plan of action for this critical moment as we speak. [Read more below.]

BUT, we need EVERY state to follow their lead.



Members of the Ohio State Legislature, for example, have just recently introduced legislation that would effectively ban ALL abortion(s) in the state, setting a new, fully pro-life precedent for other states to follow.

And, to prepare for the end of Roe, it is critical for other states to follow suit.

But we need YOUR help to spread the message…

Can we count on you to contact your State Legislators today, and ask them to prepare legislation that bans abortion outright in the event that the Supreme Court does, in fact, overturn Roe during its current session?

You can reach your State Legislators in one easy step using this simple contact form that we’re making available by CLICKING HERE on LifeSite’s Action Center.

Then, please SHARE this important information with your friends and family members to spread the word across your state and our country!

The Supreme Court’s ruling on the Mississippi law in Dobbs vs. Jackson will likely come down to determining whether any state law that places restriction(s) on pre-viability abortion(s) are constitutional — potentially opening the door to a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade itself.

In fact, the state of Mississippi has already formally asked the Supreme Court to overturn Roe in its own brief defending their law.

That’s why it’s absolutely crucial to prepare for that moment now.

Again, overturning Roe, in itself, does NOT mean the automatic elimination of abortion in our country. It will be up to the states to do that themselves when the time comes.

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