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By Kristan Hawkins, President – Student for Life – December 1, 2021

Last night, the Pro-Life Generation slept outside, in shifts, to reserve the pro-life movement’s rally space for today, the biggest hearing on abortion in nearly 30 years. (I should have brought my winter coat.)

I want to share something on my heart, not to boast but to praise the wisdom of our King.
Fifteen years ago we launched Students for Life, and I remember often telling potential supporters and student activists that we were setting out to do something different to be the Pro-Life Generation and to become the first Post Roe Generation. I remember one conversation with a dear friend and mentor who encouraged me to stop talking about the end of legal abortion as it made me sound too naïve to the more “sophiscated” donors.

Last year, when I laid out my vision for the next phase of Students for Life to our team and key supporters of Students for Life, launching our Campaign for Abortion Free Cities, my charge was simple – take the army we’ve built and move now to lay the ground work now in our communities to prepare for a post Roe future.

I have to tell you after months of plans, logistic meetings, spreadsheets dividing up sleeping arrangements and after years of talking about creating a Post Roe America. It feels surreal to be here.

Just think…today, a new day begins – one that could very well propel America into our future without Roe.

So, please pray for the safety of our team today. The Supreme Court police are expecting thousands of pro-abortion protestors. If what we saw at the Women’s March in October is any indication, there will be threats, witches cursing, and acts of violence attempted. We’ve hired personal security and even flown in some spiritual leaders to cover us in prayer, but we need more.

Please pray for the Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch and her team. We’ve been working with her office for the past several months to plan this unifying event in D.C. as well as another one we are hosting in Jackson, MS today. They are “our people.” Pray that God grants them wisdom to convince the Justices to do something hard.

Pray for the Justices to have the courage they need to stop the slaughter of our children.

Pray for the hearts of those hurting who will be at the Court yelling, screaming, threatening our 100+ student leaders as they will be at the front of all of it, holding the banners to secure a safe perimeter for the hundreds of pro-life leaders and activists who will gather.

And pray for our movement as we consider and implement our Post Roe strategies to make abortion illegal and unthinkable, state by state.

We’re ready at Students for Life…for this is what we have been building for – with our 1,300 active groups and 130,000+ trained young activists. This is why we launched our 501(c)(4) sister organization, Students for Life Action, two years ago and our multi-million Campaign for Abortion Free Cities just a few months ago.

For we know, it will be us who will be needed to be the ground troops in every state – going door to door to educate neighbors about non-violent alternatives, changing minds, transforming our campuses, and lobbying in our state houses. For when it comes to mobilizing an army of pro-lifers, Students for Life is it.

Today, I have high hopes for the High Court as I believe with all of my heart that we, the very survivors of legal abortion, were born ready to be the first Post Roe Generation.

Thank you for being part of it all. Truly, it’s the honor of my life to be able to serve in this way. In many moments, I often ask why I (an uncool Mom and overly-competitive geek with no connections from a little town in West Virginia) was chosen for this role but your faith in me, support, and your constant encouragement remind me that I merely must be faithful to His call and He will do the rest. Thank you.

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