Fri. Jul 19th, 2024


The only way things are going to change is to get different leadership.  If you don’t like the way City Hall is being run….. do something about it.

List out all the pros and cons.  Argue with yourself about why you can’t run for city council.  Then argue with yourself about what you would do differently if you were to sit in that seat.

Would you get rid of City Attorney Bob Black?  Would you put a freeze on merit bonuses and salary increases?  Would you cut salaries?  What would you do if you were in that position?

Now realize this.  It takes 3 people to accomplish anything on that board.  That’s why Linda Sutter, Jody Mangum and I ran together.  Unfortunately, only one got elected and you witnessed what the rest of the jackals did.   So, think in terms of getting a friend or friends to run.

We can no longer afford the likes currently on the council.

Give this some serious thought.  Please.


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