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Submitted by Del Norte County District Attorney’s Office – July 21, 2016 –

Wilson Lor
Wilson Lor

The Del Norte County District Attorney announced that Wilson Lor (18) of Crescent City was sentenced today to serve 25 years to life in state prison for rape in concert with a special allegation of kidnapping for rape.  Applicable state law eliminated judicial discretion and mandated the sentence, which was handed down by the Honorable William H. Follett this afternoon.  A Del Norte County jury returned a guilty verdict and true finding to the charges last month.  Given the nature of the charges, Lor was prosecuted as an adult even though he was 16-1/2 at the time of the crimes.  Under current law, he will be not be eligible for parole until May, 2040 when he will be 41 years of age.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred in the early morning hours of January 11, 2015 when the female victim in her early twenties was walking on C Street in Crescent City towards her home when she was accosted by two yet unidentified males and forcibly taken into a nearby home where Lor resided.  After unsuccessful attempts by the three males to get her to “party” with them, the victim tried to escape through a bathroom window, which was too small to permit her escape.  The three males then forced her into a bedroom where each of them took turns raping her by force over the course of several hours.

The victim indicated that she bit the third rapist on the neck and scratched his back.  When officers executed a search warrant at the home the following evening, Lor answered the door.  He had a bite mark on his neck and scratch marks on his back.  Nine used condoms were found in the trash at the home.  The California Department of Justice analyzed the condoms and determined that DNA taken from the condoms matched Lor and two other males.  DNA from the victim was present on all nine of the condoms.  The other two males have not been identified but the DOJ has DNA profiles for them if their identity is ever ascertained and reference samples can be obtained for comparison.  The District Attorney’s Office is actively investigating the identification and apprehension of the other two males.

One suspect who the District Attorney’s Office has been actively trying to apprehend with the assistance of local and nationwide authorities is David Ken Lee.  He currently has an active extraditable warrant for his arrest.  David Lee is 5’5”, 150 lbs. and is 19 years of age (black and white photo is about a year old).  He previously resided on Indra St. in Crescent City.  Until a couple of months ago, he was a student at Butte College and worked at a Subway in Chico.  The District Attorney’s Office is asking for the public’s assistance in apprehending David Lee.  If he is seen, the public is urged not to contact him directly but to immediately call either the Del Norte Sheriff’s Office or Crescent City Police Department.  Several other persons of interest voluntarily appeared, were interviewed, submitted to biological testing and have been exonerated without ever having been arrested during the year and a half investigation.

“This crime is as horrific and violent as it gets,” said Del Norte District Attorney Dale P. Trigg, who personally handled the prosecution and trial.  “The thought that a woman can be dragged off of one of our city streets and forced into a home where she is then brutally raped by three men over the course of several hours is horrifying,” said Trigg.  “We will find and prosecute the other two.  They can’t run forever,” said Trigg.

The District Attorney wants to recognize the efforts of AC Field and Justin Gill of the Investigations Bureau of the District Attorney’s Office, Crescent City Police Department Officer Jim Wright and former officer Sarah Asbury who investigated the case.  The District Attorney also wants to recognize the District Attorney’s Office Victim Witness staff and North Coast Rape Crisis Team for the services and support they provided to the victim/survivor of this crime.  Most of all, the District Attorney wants to recognize the courage shown by the victim/survivor of this horrific crime in coming forward and testifying.






14 thoughts on “Wilson Lor Sentenced”
  1. I remember going to school dances and lor and all his asian friends used to be so aggressive when we would try to dance with them. Pulling are shirts down trying to touch us all over. It was so uncomfortable. I honestly wasn’t surprised to see this.

  2. Apparently Wilson Lor’s first sexual encounter was based on evidence found on a condom. And also by the the other two men who raped her. This was obviously non consensual. But she was 24? So that gives a 16 year of the right to gang rape get? Peer pressure? I saw he’s accountable and the jury apparently agrees.

  3. Seriously the Dave Egan Case needs to be known publicly. This could be you or I next. I suggest you familiarize yourself with this case of injustice in Del Norte County. Don’t think it couldn’t happen to you!!

  4. Linda Sutter apparently dna of this no longer virgin was found on the victim. His first sexual encounter was apparently rape.

    1. WELL MISS PIERCE YOu obviously did not sit in the court room where he was found not guilty by the jury of the first trial…the second trial resulted in guilty because everyone from the alleged victim on down to the district attorney office had their stories straight…she was no more a victim than I am a virgin.

      1. You are correct Linda I was not there, you apparently were and heard it all. I’m assuming you were there by your reply and heard the victim I’m and accused testify. I was not aware of any of this, I just ran into this article and commented on it. I would not want any innocent person to go to prison for 18 years. I hope the jury did it’s job correctly.

  5. Bowdish, the name brings back memories of the grandfather being in law enforcement, the son’s name being in news of record. Maybe this girl is the offspring of the son and hanging around with the “wrong” crowd, and knowing all there is……

    1. Maybe she’s a different Bowdish. Looking on F/B it doesn’t show any local members of family. Could be a mistake!

  6. He and Grant were both found guilty unanimously by a jury at the Old Bailey of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and child destruction. Miss Bantala, who still bears the scars of the attack, was in court to see the two men being sentenced.

    1. i dont know what case you’re referring to but Marissa Bowdish was no child. she was a 24 year old woman who had sex with a 16 year old virgin then cried gang rape the next morning….
      and this kid who is now an 18 year old adult that will spend the rest of his life in prison and 10 years of parole….he did not have any previous crimes on his record…the other two people were never found nor convicted…this is an atrocity of our judicial system….the investigator A C Wells never once questioned if this kid was under any pressure to give information on the other two assailants…was redundant in his questioning without concern of what may happen to Wilson Lor or his family if Wilson gave up information….

  7. He will probably be transgendered to a “woman” by the time he gets out.

    I am astonished he actually got such a long sentence. How come this doesn’t happen to DUI offenders who kill? How come this doesn’t happen to people to attempt to kill, or hell, even people who DO kill?

    They don’t get NEARLY the kind of time.

    1. I absolutely agree, Anonymous. Our legal system places rape as a far worse crime than murder. Priorities couldn’t be more screwed up.

  8. Fantastic! Thank you for doing the job you are paid for doing.

    When does David Egan (BlackHawk Pistol Story) get the same, much deserved relief from an equally horrific crime to him personally and the civil rights of all DNC residents?

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