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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – September 15, 2022

Today we’re adding 60 more names to the Champions for Kids directory, bringing the total to 140 school board candidates I’ve endorsed statewide. You can search by district or zip code here.

This comes as we’ve gotten another win in the battle for sanity. We forced Newsom to finally back off his “vaccinate or test” policy for school and hospital workers.

Every mandate needs to go. I am renewing my call for all California universities to end their ignorant vaccine and booster requirements. You can print/download my letter and send it to the Chancellor of your local university here.

Additionally, momentum is turning against AB 2098, the radical COVID bill that censors doctors. You can still tell Newsom to veto it; if he doesn’t, I believe the courts will strike it down.

But on another front, insanity is returning in full force: the gas pump. As we warned, prices are rising again in California even as they decline elsewhere. The “Select Committee” on gas prices has been every bit the farce we expected.

The Legislature, of course, had many chances to actually do something by passing my gas tax suspension bill. But the Supermajority  refused, and Californians are paying the price.

Now, these politicians have to pay a price as well. On the campaign trail, they’re frantically trying to deny what they did. But by forcing a vote on the Assembly Floor, we got them on the record; even “fact checkers” are calling out their denials as false.

55 days remain until the election. The stakes get higher every day.

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