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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – December 24, 2021

The Winter Solstice arrived December 21. For those who are not sure what is the Winter Solstice: the Winter Solstice starts the 89.6 day revolutional journey with a 23.4 degree angle of the Northern Hemisphere of Earth tilted AWAY from the direct rays of the Sun; it’s also the shortest day of the year north of the Equator.

President DOOMSDAY continued his attack on the unvaccinated with a foreboding message of an upcoming “Winter of DEATH” attributable to the newest weapon of Fear, the Omicron Variant.

I don’t apologize for my assertion the Covid 19 virus is a H O A X.

Is the Virus a serious malady that can cause symptoms all too unpleasant’ not unlike the 41 million currently experiencing influenza illness? YES !

Is the Virus a killer? NO!

One who contracts the Virus has a 99% survival rate. Those who are alleged to have died as a result of COVID 19, almost ALL suffered from lethal comorbidities: Diabetes, Heart Attack, Obesity and and other lethalities…

Sadly and Tragically the country’s DEMOCRAT DELIVERY boy of DOOM brings a DARK, DANK and DOUR Christmas to America. Biden’s Chief of State Ronald Klain backs up his DEADBEAT boss with a ridiculous utterance:

“The Truth is the Truth.”

No. It is not!!!The Truth is not the truth when it is not TRUE.

DEMOCRATS have no concept of the word of meaning of truth.

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