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By Angry Old American

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The National Football League is the most recent sports association to join the Black Lives Matter Movement. During the League’s first game of the season between the Chiefs and Texans, 17,000 fans were met with banners outside the Arena emblazoned with “Black Lives Matter.” After kneeling for the National Anthem and standing tall to sing the Black National Anthem, both teams linked arms in solidarity. The unwoke stadium booed them in a gross display of insensitivity. Bambi wept.

The Mainstream Media was quick to scold the audience for showing blatant racism. After all, these morally superior athletes weren’t there to play games; they were delivering a message to the whole world. The entire object of sports is to sell. Sports franchises are a commercial enterprise that work for the highest bidder. If they aren’t selling cars or liquor, then they sell the message of the Democratic National Committee. After all, the 2020 election is right on our doorstep.

How dare spectators of sports events pay hard cash and actually expect to see a game. What gall for them not to tolerate gross political grandstanding.

I expect our American Sports associations to take their fight for Black Lives Matter to the next level. To awaken the stupid and morally inferior masses in the sports arenas and at home watching TV will require action! This is a fight, not between teams; but against an ignorant public!

The NFL will soon take their massage to the next level. Players on both teams will enter the field wearing identical all-black uniforms adorned with Black Lives Matter to show a solidarity between teams. They will wear helmets with facemasks, and carry shields and umbrellas. Forget the old national anthem; they will stand proud with fists in the air and bellow-out the Black National Anthem as they burn the American Flag and hoist Black Lives Matter and Antifa banners high in the air. Blockades will be erected at every entrance to the field. The playing field will become one big Autonomous Zone.  Coaches will become Warlords, and the scoreboard will flash the slogan “Defund the Referees!”

Players will drive the Referees from the field with frozen water bottles and pepper spray. In the middle of the Autonomous Zone, an Earth Garden will be established to “feed the people.” Players, Coaches, Water-boys, and Cheerleaders, all wearing identical black uniforms will then march around the perimeter of the Autonomous Zone carrying picket signs, screaming epithets toward the crowd. They will throw Molotov cocktails, bricks and water bottles at any spectator who has the gall to boo them.

At half time, Woke old white entertainers like Madonna will provide a lurid show next to the Earth Garden. Peaceful Sports Protestors will smoke dope and spray-paint incendiary graffiti on the AstroTurf while sportscasters thrill fans with a “Summer of Love” narrative.

There will be non-stop coverage on television as normal broadcasting is interrupted. The “Sports Event” will end when the supply of bean-sprouts, soy-burgers and tofu runs out.

Expect other sports leagues and associations to follow suit. The world of sports is going to change forever thanks to the Black Lives Matter Movement. There can be no such thing as competition in a world of White Privilege. This is a slave revolt, and every sports celebrity is a multimillionaire Spartacus!

I am sure that you all will reward Woke Sports by tuning in faithfully and buying their message!


Angry Old American

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  1. This is my cousin’s article and I believe he hit the nail on the head with this one! I admire his knowledge of things going on in this world. All I can say is truer words were never spoken!

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