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By Branden Bieber – February 1, 2022

Our State representatives and local governing boards are not just stealing our tax money, their actions resemble characteristics of human traffickers, drug pushers, and child abusers.  The COVID narrative has emboldened our righteous local leadership to implement and be complacent with inaction and lawlessness, while trampling on our civil liberties.

Parental rights and a person’s body autonomy are not bargaining chips for wealthy Unions.  Our local leadership needs to recognize People’s Constitutional Rights and stop wagering the health of our citizens in budget allocations.  Del Norte County will be healthier, and become more united when our government ends the COVID Hysteria propaganda. It must “STOP NOW” as the consequences of the imposed State of Emergency are as great or greater than the risk of catching this strain of “cold.”

Crime is on the rise.  Prosecuting criminals is declining.  Critical local road and infrastructure upgrades are stalled.  Children are being victimized in schools that condone violence, disrespect and bullying.  Or, kids are being discriminated against for not wearing a masks that can inhibit respiratory development.  The homeless and transient problem is in crisis mode.  Inflation is out of control.  Local commerce is being regulated into extinction.  Our American Freedoms are under assault!  

It’s time to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.  Stand up for yourself, and your family!!  Contact your local leaders, picket the County, City and School board: and sign the circulating petitions for School Choice, and repeal of the 1% County Sales Tax.  Express your freedoms by saying “NO” to the mandates, as individual justifications are undeniable.

It’s time to share our stories from the past two years, here’s mine:

I’m blessed to have been born and raised and Del Norte County, and now I’m ashamed to be raising my family in the same community.  How has our County declined over the past two decades, while our natural resources and potential have never been greater? 

I am a general contractor, and now working for the State of California. Since the reinvention of Covid, I have been subjected to an ongoing hostile work environment within my department.  I’m constantly being threatened with my job for not vaccinating, or I’m being directed to violate OSHA regulations and wear a N-95 respirator without being fit tested.  The hypocrisy in the policy is glaring.  California has historically championed inclusion.  Now, the State wants to chart your every medical procedure and question, judge, and record people’s religious affiliations.

My wife was forced into teaching two and a half years ago when the school district decided to discriminate against my kids based on their appearance.  In many ways, it was a blessing my boys refused to wear a mask at school.  Although challenging for our family, my boys have thrived academically.  My concern, is the lack of social engagement.  Life lessons are learned through interactions with peers, and cannot be taught virtually or in a book.

Frustrated, stressed, and depressed I began listening to our local school, city, and county board meetings hoping for clarity.  Instead, the arrogance and authoritarian governance displayed by our leaders was revolting.

My engagement began when I heard Dr. Stutz respond to a question from retired 1st Supervisor Roger Getlin.   The question was posed to Dr. Stutz and his answer (via zoom) infuriated my senses.  Mr. Getlin asked  Dr. Stutz to compare the mortality rate from Covid to Pre-Covid statistics.  Instead of acknowledging that the mortality rate isn’t dramatically different, Dr. Stutz referenced the difficulty in explaining statistics in rural communities.  Then at the next school board meeting Dr Stutz dismissed himself (again attending via zoom) in the middle of the meeting while dozens of parents, grandparents, and students expressed their concerns with his public health ordinance.

Dr. Stutz

The outcry from the community at the school board meeting regarding the masking of athletes was countered with another Health Ordinance provided by Dr. Stutz and Heather Snow on November 3rd.  This Ordinance did not require athletes to wear a mask, but it unlawfully threatens to separate families for not wearing one.

I called Mr. Hemmingsen in November to inquire about the health ordinance.  Mr. Hemmingsen acknowledged the Nov. 3rd health ordinance was overreaching, but expressed his inability to do anything in the wake of the imposed “State of Emergency.”  With claims the Health Officer has ultimate control of our schools, our government, and our economy, we agreed to disagree. 

Supervisor 4th District, Gerry Hemmingsen

 At the January 11th BOS meeting Mr. Hemmingsen played ignorant when I asked about the health ordinance, lying that he had not seen it.  Am I wrong to think the Chairman of BOS should know what’s on the boards agenda?  The BOS is using the old health ordinance on their agenda to enforce masking. Despite his antics, Mr. Hemmingsen knows the basis of the Nov. 3rd health ordinance is unconstitutional.

Then at the January 25th BOS meeting, Dr. Stutz disrespectfully doesn’t attend.  As Del Norte County government avoids it’s departmental responsibilities and cancels more programs, the BOS Chair decides to skip the Covid update as a scheduled item on the agenda. 

Also, at this meeting Mr. Hemmingsen had to apologize for celebrating that senior citizens are the fastest growing population in the homeless community. Clearly embarrassing for the entire board.   It’s obvious Chairman Hemmingsen doesn’t listen to his constituents, but he should have the dignity to pay attention when his board members are speaking.  This BOS has no check’s and balances and are at best, “RUBBERSTAMP TRAMPS.” 

A person could never run a household or a business the way our governing boards are directing governance.   At the past two BOS meeting, the board members voted on over 40 consent items.  With two votes, all 40 items were approved.  Multi-million dollar allocations, county administrative pay increases, hiring’s, resignations, name changes, constitutional infringements, good service certificates, you name they approve it.  And when the public requested deliberation on an consent item, the constituent was ignored and all items are rubberstamped “yes.”

The last couple month’s I’ve e-mailed the board several times and made requests in BOS public comment.  In these interactions, I have requested clarification to the health ordinance.  Finally on January 28th, Board Member Short kindly responded to my inquiries.  He claimed a new health ordinance is being administered but hasn’t been released yet.  Hopefully, this new ordinance doesn’t threaten to throw neighbors in jail for not wearing ineffective masks.

January 27th, The County Rec Department cancels youth basketball, while across the country tens of thousands of people gather daily at large arenas.  The Elitist Hypocrite Governor from California even attended the NFC football game in LA without a mask, while our local leadership quivers in fear of the maskless.  This decision to cancel youth basketball probably won’t have long lasting consequences, but it might.   Personally, I know the value the D.N Rec. Dept. had in my life.  The skills, sportsmanship, competition, and friendship I gained as a participant in the program is still benefitting me today.  I was able to attend college solely because I was able to compete in athletics (greatly developed by our local rec dept.,) now those opportunities are being deprived of my children.

On January 28th, our County County Administrative Officer (CAO) Neal Lopez informed me that the County will be fined if a County Department operates without masks.  Sooo, in light of our communities grievance against the mask mandate the Rec. Dept. retaliates against minors and continues it’s victimization of our youth by cancelling youth basketball.  I am sorry Mr. Lopez, but the rights of my children are not a bargaining chips, and not for sale.  Expressing American Freedoms and body autonomy are not subject to monetary fines. This kind of pimp mentality, and authoritarian leadership must be stopped.  

CAO Neal Lopez

We should start knocking on our representative’s doors, write them an e-mail, give them a call, and definitely sign the various petitions circulating the community.  Whatever your opinion, find your voice and tell your story.  Our community can begin to heal, when our government stops administering health perspectives and get’s back to the work of the people.  We need to demand the County remove the COVID propaganda from the County web site.  Health care statistics should be documented and made available by medical providers, not government.  If the expansion of Government is not stopped, Government is all we’ll have left.  Scary, considering most of our boards resemble optics from China, not America.

“It may be true that the government that governs best governs least.  Unfortunately, the same is also true of the government that governs worst”

              Jane Elizabeth Auer

8 thoughts on “Worse than a den of Thieves!”
  1. No one EVER died of hurt feelings.. I agree with Branden… America needs to toughen up. Our weakness is why we are where we are. American Greatness came from tireless fighting, perservering, faith in God, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and just old-fashioned hard work. Pull up your sleeves folks, today battles can be WON at the Dias, not in a battlefield. But if we don’t fight now, our children won’t have that option. We have the Constitution by our side. It has and never will fail us, but it takes the WILL of the PEOPLE to enforce that beautiful, living- breathing document, The Constitution of the United States of America. Get it together Del Norte. The only way things will change, is if you start fighting for your Rights.. and that isn’t on Facebook. Start going to meetings. Start writing in this paper. Start asking for public documents and records from the BOS, the District, Fire District, Harbor and City, wherever you see problems. Get involved and question everything and make our leaders accountilbe for their actions. They are just use to not being challenged. Trust me… as soon as the masses rally and get in their faces, they will cave, rather quickly. So my question to this community, is What Are You Waiting For?!? God helps those who help themselves. No one else is going to take back your Rights, than you, yourself. Get in the fight and demand your freedoms back!

  2. At the February 8th Board of Supervisor meeting I requested the Board to validate the County Health Ordinance and have me arrested for not wearing a mask. With law enforcements in attendance, of course nothing happened. It is no coincidence that the lawlessness and lack of respect in our community is being condoned and propelled by local leadership. Similarly, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) appears to be instigating mental illness to justify their department’s radical expansion.
    What a World, our tax dollars fund the DHHS to inforce an unlawful ordinance that is knowingly increasing reports of depression, mental illness, child abuse, substance abuse, and domestic abuse. Now, the DHHS has 21 job openings to try to mitigate the damage they are creating.
    Dr. Death (Stutz) was gracious enough to attend the meeting where he tried to discredit the social, emotional, and educational abuse our children are enduring. I was astounded when someone from the public (Lisa) said children are resilient and will not be affected by these “crimes”. That’s like saying someone didn’t get raped, because they didn’t get pregnant (rape was also a discussion point at the meeting with allegations law enforcement is not investigating reports of sexual abuse.) The sheep such as Lisa and her herd reading this will LOL, and be cozy in our government’s dereliction of duties and the victimization of our children. It is not likely my words will result in any action besides more BAA-A BAA-A BAA-A.
    I do apologize for my offensive remarks, but citizens need to toughen up. American Freedoms were established on battlefields and should not be relinquished to Big Pharma, and medical benefactors. I’m glad we have arrived to the endemic and we can begin to realize the consequences of the fear inflicted propaganda our leaders have peddled over the past few years. I just wish we could hold them accountable, but that too is an extinct value.

  3. Sam, you too, are a fine person. I appreciate all your hard work and your optimistic outlook.
    The hundreds of thousands of folks leaving California over the past few years are optimistic, fine people as well. These issues you write about have been around for years- and it’s getting worse, yes?
    Imagine all the good you and the Bieber family could do if you lived in a conservative state where with like-minded people, you could have a good quality life without much of the BS we have here now.
    Most people in Del Norte County and throughout California don’t care enough to help you. They’re just surviving. Therein lies the problem. Or am I wrong?

    1. No disrespect, but I hope you are wrong. Over the years, I have traveled extensively from West Coast to the East Coast and I find worthwhile people every where, including here in this State and even in this County. It is easy to feel like things have gotten worse, much harder to be optimistic, but I like to think I live in that camp. I may seem like all I find are problems in the world around, but I also find many wonderful things and people. I guess I find that looking a little harder, often reveals regular and wonderful surprises. I am mindful of that every time I greet my new day.

  4. Mr. Bieber, I am guessing you are Angelina’s husband. You are a very nice family, live in a cute home surrounded by blight, and both share a refreshing passion to right the wrongs. Many of us share your frustrations and concerns, but I’m sure you’ll agree most have just given up. With few soldiers to help, the frustration and stress unfortunately will only grow.
    Many of us imagine what it might be like to live in a conservative state that shares our values and goals. Several citizens have fled California because there is a sense it’s too late to effect change; a losing battle.
    Perhaps more of us should consider the same.

    1. It is an easy message to send, “just give up”, but not always the best. My wife and I had an eight year struggle when a generational welfare family moved in next door. The property went from beautiful to a garbage dump in that time. Once their irresponsible behavior caught up with them, they were evicted and scattered to the four winds. They have since been replaced by a hard working responsible couple who I am proud to call my neighbors. I too, once or twice despaired about the decline in this State and even in this County, yet through nearly fifty years of living here and visits to over twenty five foreign countries Del Norte County has become a place I call “home”. It is worth the struggle to make it so and I intend to encourage others to never give up. I stand in the cheering section for Brannon, Angelina, and their children for standing up to be counted. It is my fervent wish that others will find their voices and join them. Only then can California, and Del Norte County escape eviction and scattering to the four winds…

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