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By Guest Columnist Michael Ceremello – January 25, 2017 –

Less than one week into Donald Trump’s presidency and we are witnessing the fundamental transformation of America being eliminated.  A return to the rule of law, which is the basis and primary reason the United States is the greatest Nation history has ever seen, and actions to remove the shackles of socialism and environmental terrorism by the EPA are rapidly restoring conservative’s and constitutional traditionalist’s faith that our government can be a benefit to all of the people rather than the minority of choice of the moment.

Predictably, the far fringe Left personified by those in the media including Hollywood are horrified and petrified their agenda of extremist feminism, normalizing minority sexual choice, and demonizing free market capitalism and big business is being rebuked, debunked, and destroyed.  The party machines of both parties, in power only to aggrandize themselves, were called on the carpet during the inaugural address.

The clarity of vision and the ability to communicate the message has been long lost in the political arena.  I call it quite refreshing to hear someone say exactly what they are thinking and have the ability to back it up with facts.  “Tell it like it is” has long been my motto and I am happy to see the Trumpster going down this path.

I look forward to a Federal government performing the role it was given by the Founding Fathers.  Sorry folks but there is nothing in the Constitution remotely endorsing the creation of a centralized government.  A welfare state, control of the people, social engineering, and destructive taxation has supplanted national defense and robbed us of our God given freedoms.

The right of individual States to create their own rules, rather than an overarching onerous omnipotent organized criminal cabal called the Feds, was designed to give people a choice as to where they wanted to live and under what rules.  Yes, there were limits to the States’ power and that was to assure that basic rights and the rights of those in the minority would not be taken away by those who would pervert power to an erroneous end.

What I am trying to convey to you is that I am ecstatically happy with the performance of our new president.  I see no phobias exhibiting themselves.  We are at war whether or not the Left or pusillanimous on the Right want to admit it or not.  The former president was a traitor and aider and abettor of the Muslim caliphate proponents.  His final acts prove his disloyalty as well as his loyalties.  I would rather dwell on the positives rather than the poseur who occupied the White House.

I also appreciate the Michael Moores and Madonnas coming out during the Woman’s March and exposing not only their true feelings but warped fascistic beliefs.  It is not the Right or conservatives you have to worry about becoming violent.  Mussolini, Hitler, and the Left have a long history of using force when they can to promote their agendum.  The Ku Klux Klan was a Democrat organization in the South and although cowed, remains populated by that side of the political spectrum.

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