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By Kevin Kiley – July 13, 2023

Yesterday, FBI Director Christopher Wray appeared before the House Judiciary Committee.

I zeroed in on one of the worst abuses of power we’ve seen: the Biden Administration targeting parents advocating for their kids at school board meetings as a form of “domestic terrorism.” You can watch my five-minute exchange with Director Wray here.

In October 2021, as parents joined together and spoke out against the COVID insanity, Biden tried to nip this growing movement in the bud. Attorney Merrick Garland penned an infamous memo unleashing the sweeping powers of federal law enforcement on them.

As a pretext for targeting parents, the memo cited a rise in “threats of violence.” In response to my first question – whether Garland even bothered to consult the FBI before issuing the memo based on that explosive claim – Wray quickly threw the Attorney General under the bus:

“I can’t get into discussions that did, or maybe more importantly did not, happen between the FBI and the Department in advance.” As the Daily Caller’s headline put it: “FBI Director distances himself from Merrick Garland’s attempt to turn parents Into terrorists.”

Wray then confirmed that Garland’s pretext was made up. He admitted the FBI had not seen any “uptick” in threats and that not a single parent was found guilty of a federal crime, despite dozens being tagged and profiled and countless others surveilled and intimidated.

Finally, I asked if he disputed the conclusion that “there was no compelling nationwide law enforcement justification for the Attorney General’s directive.” Wray’s answer: No. One headline summed it up: “FBI Director admits COVID-era persecution of parents wasn’t evidence-based.”

Wray would not apologize, and he declined to say if Garland should. But two things are clear. First, this attempt to silence parents backfired, as our movement is stronger than ever. Second, with even the FBI Director wanting nothing to do with him, Garland’s days as AG are numbered.

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