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By Jon Coupal, President – Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association – August 23, 2019 –

Your Immediate Action Needed: Help to Preserve Our Prop. 13 Victory!

In our last email Action Alert, we warned everyone to remain vigilant. While Assembly Constitutional Amendment (ACA) 1 was defeated on the Assembly Floor last Monday, the reality is that taxpayers are not quite out of the woods yet. In a legislative process known as “reconsideration,” legislative bills that have been defeated can be brought up again for one final vote.

ACA 1 would change Proposition 13 by lowering the vote needed to raise taxes from the current two-thirds down to just 55 percent.

We’ve received word that ACA 1 is likely going to come up for a reconsideration vote perhaps as early as Monday, but certainly no later than the final day of the legislative session on September 13th.

What we are asking for in this email is going to be a little different.  The following legislators have already voted “No” or abstained on ACA 1. All we’d like you to do is call these legislators, thank them for not voting for ACA 1, and ask them not to vote for it if it comes back up for a reconsideration vote. 
Nearly all of the following legislators were not on our original list last week and have not yet received calls from HJTA Members. You won’t be making the same calls you did last week.

These calls should be short and positive. Legislative staff do not often hear words of appreciation or thanks when taxpayers call, and we hope they’ll take notice. If you don’t have time to call all these legislators, please call the one or two that live geographically closest to you.

Assembly Member Joaquin Arambula (Fresno) – 916-319-2031
Assembly Member Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (San Ramon, Danville, Livermore) – 916-319-2016
Assembly Member Tasha Boerner Horvath (Encinitas, Oceanside) – 916-319-2076
Assembly Member Ken Cooley (Rancho Cordova, Sacramento) – 916-319-2008
Assembly Member Cristina Garcia (Bell Gardens, Downey, Norwalk) – 916-319-2058
Assembly Member Sydney Kamlager-Dove (Culver City, Los Angeles) – 916-319-2054
Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell (Long Beach) – 916-319-2070

To find the names and contact information for your representatives in Sacramento, go to

Thank you for helping us protect Proposition 13. Your phone calls were a critically important part of last week’s big victory for taxpayers, and we greatly appreciate you.

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