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By Carl DeMaio – February 7, 2023

How bad is your electric and gas bill this month? I need you to know that the electric and gas rate hikes have the potential to flip California politically – but only our side gets its act together with the plan I’m sharing with you below! Here’s what needs to happen on these rate hikes and how you can help: 

First, we MUST expose the true reasons why our rates are spiking – and make sure the public knows the truth.  

While CA politicians and their friends in the liberal media are deflecting the blame to utility company profits, we’ve got the proof that a number of crazy new mandates are actually behind the price gouging – impose what amounts to a hidden “state utility tax” on every bill that amounts to 30-50% of the prices some residents are forced to pay. 

The liberal media will NOT expose the state taxes and mandates behind these massive rate hikes – which is why we MUST expose the truth. 

To do that we’re supporting an investigation by utility experts organized by the Transparency Foundation to do a full analysis of the 2023 rate hikes being sought by California’s largest utility companies. 

Second, once we have the findings of the investigation published, we must then create a firestorm amongst voters and FORCE an end to the costly mandates driving the rate increases. 

That’s why I’ve tasked the team at Reform California to work with the handful of elected officials we have in Sacramento and other taxpayer advocacy groups to launch a statewide public education effort. We will also be releasing a comprehensive “Rate Reduction” Plan with the goal of giving every California homeowner a $2500 immediate utility rebate as well as slashing electric and gas rates by 25% and freezing them for 5 years. 

I’m literally hearing from thousands of angry Californians every day that are getting crushed by electric and gas utility rate hikes that are DOUBLING and TRIPLING their bills! This rate crisis has huge potential to open the eyes of millions of Californians to the crazy (and costly) policies that California politicians have enacted. 

We MUST act ASAP on these rate hikes and offer a credible alternative to reduce rates

Carl DeMaio is Chairman of Reform California, a political action committee; and the Transparency Foundation a 501c3 non profit.

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