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Joan Miles started a program on KFUG radio station and Samuel Strait took it over.  This is a dialogue between the two concerning the Democratic Party, the Clinton’s and Trump.  The opinions expressed here are those of Sam and Joan.


Have you seen “Hillary’s America”?  I’d love to know your opinion of it, and I wish you would talk about it on the radio.
I went and saw the movie and while the history of the early Democratic Party was interesting, there were no particular surprises, other than someone from India knows more early American history than most Americans (And that included a lot of college professors).  Most of the gotcha stuff about Hillary is fairly widely known, and there are many damaging things about both her and Bill that were not even mentioned.  The only people that would be the least bit surprised would be her sycophants and they wouldn’t care anyway.  Lemmings simply follow.

I can’t say that it was in any way going to add anything more to the trail of thuggery, corruption, and greed that has been laid at their doorstep since Arkansas.  I saw a recounting of the trail of bodies that seem to be associated with their rise to power.  I don’t quite know how you will ever get anything to stick to them that is criminal, because it seems that when anyone has the “goods” on them and is willing to break silence, they end up dead, being bought off, or smeared in the media.  That seems to be the state of the Modern Democratic Party.

One thing I did find interesting is his comparison of Slave plantations, to modern day ghettos..   I’m not quite sure how you are going to break the lock on the Dems control of all their entitlement groups.  Most of them are not smart enough to realize that they are being played so as long as they get something for nothing, Santa Claus will rule this country.

I didn’t see anything about signing off on selling missile technology to China, for a nice big payoff to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State.  Of course there is no doubt a lot of damaging information about the Clinton’s is floating about, I’m just going to have to see if it surfaces.
I just forwarded an email to you about Paul Ryan’s political deception and lies.   AND THAT’S THE POINT !  The movie, the Clintons, the Dems, etc. should be drowning in all their lies, but we let them get away with it by not talking about it OVER AND OVER AND OVER until they DO DROWN !
Preachers and ministers make a whole profession out of repeating and repeating and repeating things that everyone has already heard in hopes they can get through to people.  And Hannity, Rush, Glenn Beck, etc. do the same.  So I don’t get your point that the movie doesn’t say anything new that you could talk about on the show.  I thought Dinesh presented sort of a fresh approach or SERMON, if you will.  So let’s preach it.
I heard bits of Glenn Beck’s radio show the other day in which he discussed the many forms of manipulative speech used by progressives, like sophistry.etc.  I’m going to see if the show is on his website.  The Dems are so good at using every trick in the book.
Yes, I understand your frustrations, but most people for the last fifty years or so have been indoctrinated by a public school system that inhibits reading, is responsible for revisionist history, and has been dominated by the Democratic Party.  I am not surprised when even the most extreme efforts to cast the Democratic Party in the role it so richly deserves, it is greeted with incomprehension and disdain.  The mere fact that Democratic tactics learned from gangsters and racists is hard to dispute, but any good Democrat will look you in the fact and say, “you can’t be serious”.  The con has been going on for so long that it has become ingrained into the very fabric of the country.  People can barely remember the Clinton lies of last week, let alone their forty years of criminality.

Even Democrats who know better, will stand there and to your face support Candidates such as the Clinton’s because it continues the nearly two centuries of keeping the party elite in office in hopes of the graft running down hill to line the pockets of the Party’s faithful who wish to retain their status as people who count.  They have managed to con enough of the low hanging fruit with free stuff, keep them in the modern version of the plantation, project housing, and so poorly educated that they couldn’t see the con if it up and bit them.  Similarly so many of the people in this country are so poorly educated after their tenure in public education that it will take years to turn this train wreck around, if there was the will to do it in the first place!!!  The promise of free stuff is a pretty big incentive not to change much, as well as there is the fear that you may lose what free stuff that you are given by the government, if you rock the boat.

I don’t suppose that you have read the book upon which this movie is based.  It fleshes out many of the points that are only given lip service in the movie.  The problem being that only those already on board will read it, and those that stand to lose a lot of credibility, Democrats, will denigrate it as false testimony.  Even thirty second sound bites that you see in the main stream media rarely capture the mind of the average American with the attention span of a gnat.  Two year olds often have more sense.  Ask him or her to read a book or actually challenge the basic points and all you get back are Democratic talking points.  I know this from having spent the last twenty five years trying to talk sense into the head of a former school teacher who voted for Obama twice.

The biggest problem that you have, and it is covered in the movie, is once you establish the con as a vital part of a person’s life, it is almost impossible to over ride the fear of losing the results of the con, even though you know it’s a bad deal for you.  After spending the past fifty years or so of being the modern version of slaves to the Democratic Party, you would think that there would be a mass defection from the Party when it should be very clear that you are worse off now than fifty years ago, but there are no signs of any defection.

I realize that Donald Trump is not exactly the most inspiring candidate to oppose Hillary Clinton, but if she isn’t stopped, the situation for most Democrats in this country will only get worse, not better.  She is in this quest for the Presidential Office solely for her own ego and ultimate financial benefit.  She is absolutely not fit nor qualified to be President.  Her record in public life is either devoid of accomplishment or an unqualified disaster.  She could care less about any one else and that includes her husband, Bill.  This is all about her!!!!  I don’t need the movie to understand all of this.  It should be obvious to all that live in this country and the entire world, but it isn’t.

I don’t know what to tell you.  I have spouted my bit over and over and sometimes you disrepair at what comes back in return.  One of my favorites is, “you read so much more than I do” as if the faulty thinking by those people is “okay” as long as they don’t read as much as I do.  What kind of convoluted response is that?  The idea that Hillary Clinton can amass any support for a bid to be President is beyond comprehension.  What kind of denial state are her supporters in?

That’s my two cents

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